Fun Christmas Tree Facts + Free Printables

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The story of the Christmas tree can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt and Rome, followed by the tradition of candlelit Christmas trees, brought to America by Germans in the 1800s. It's fun to learn facts about Christmas trees – and everything else. You may be surprised at some of them!

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Fun Facts about Christmas Trees

1. Early Christmas trees were hung upside down from chandeliers or lighting hooks in ceilings.

2. Pagans and Christians alike have used evergreen fir trees to celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years. The Romans used these trees to decorate their temples at the festival of Saturnalia.

3. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree dates back to the Depression era. The tallest tree displayed at Rockefeller Center arrived in 1948. It was a Norway Spruce that measured 100 feet tall and hailed from Killingworth, Connecticut.

4. The first decorated Christmas tree was in Riga, Latvia in 1510.

5. Christmas trees can host thousands of bugs.

6. Sixteenth-century Protestant reformer Martin Luther is credited with being the first to add lighted candles to a tree.

christmas tree printables
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7. During the 19th century, artificial trees were developed in Germany and later became popular in the U.S. They were constructed using green-dyed goose feathers that were attached to wire branches, which were then wrapped around a central dowel rod that served as the trunk of the tree.

8. Approximately 100,000 people are employed full or part-time in the Christmas tree industry.

9. Christmas trees are grown in all 50 states including Hawaii and Alaska. The top Christmas tree producing states are: Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and North Carolina. Oregon is the leading producer of Christmas trees – 8.6 million in 1998.

10. Christmas trees have been sold commercially in the United states since about 1850. Until fairly recently, all Christmas trees came from the forest.

11. The most popular Christmas trees are: Scotch pine, Douglas fir, noble fir, Fraser fir, balsam fir, Virginia pine and white pine.

12. Since 1966, the National Christmas Tree Association has given a Christmas tree to the President and first family.

13. Since 1971, the Province of Nova Scotia has presented the Boston Christmas Tree tree to the people of Boston in gratitude for the relief supplies received from the citizens of Boston after a ship exploded in 1917 following a collision in Halifax, Nova Scotia Harbor. Part of the city was leveled killing and injuring thousands.

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Fun Christmas Tree Facts

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