25 Totally Awesome Ways to Use Spray Paint

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You have been wanting to make some simple updates around the house, but renovations and updates can quickly start to add up. Whether it is time, money, or both, you may find yourself looking down a barrel you can’t afford. Spray paint is a great option for some quick changes that will make a world of a difference around your house! It is cheap, easy and comes in a variety of colors to match any look you wish to achieve. Take a look at some of these suggestions for ways to use spray paint to make old things look new again and to create fun pieces your family will love.

25 Totally Awesome Ways To Use Spray Paint

  1. Give mason jars color or a metallic look to serve as centerpieces.

  2. Pattern a rug using a stencil and the spray paint of your choice.  Housework. Vacuum cleaner on gray carpet.

  3. Make a design on a candle holder with contact paper.

  4. Add a new coat of paint or a new color to a chandelier or other light fixture.

  5. Using a stencil, add a design on your cell phone case.

  6. Add some color to your patio with newly spray painted patio furniture.  chair

  7. Use spray paint when you don’t have the money to reupholster indoor furniture, too. This is a great way to add a design to a plain piece.

  8. Give new life to wicker baskets, tables, and chairs with some spray paint.

  9. Make seasonal decorations with glass bottles by painting them with designs or holiday specific colors.

  10. Hardware can be expensive. Change up the hardware on drawers and cupboards with just a little spray paint.

  11. Spray paint the frames of pictures or a mirror to update the look.

  12. Rather than entirely replacing door knobs, simply give it a new coat of paint.

  13. Allow your kids to create new Christmas ornaments of their own by spray painting old ones. This can easily become a fun family tradition.

  14. Give your mailbox a facelift with some spray paint. A stencil can help you add your house number or last name to the mailbox as well. 

  15. Create your own chalkboard either on a wall or to be hung anywhere in your house with chalkboard spray paint.

  16. Add a new headboard to your bed by spray painting and distressing one you find at a thrift store.

  17. Stencil and design your own t-shirts. This is a great activity for kids.

  18. Spray paint a new birdhouse as a fun springtime activity.

  19. Renew an old bike or wagon quickly and easily with spray paint.

  20. Paint jewelry to create a set that can be worn together. This would be great for an occasion when jewelery items need to match, such as a wedding.

  21. Use freezer paper to set up the design and spray paint pillows to match your other decor.

  22. Spray paint some branches and display in a vase as a decoration.

  23. Let kids tag their own helmet, skateboard/snowboard, or (if you’re brave) a wall in their room. Set clear boundaries though so they do not begin spray painting places in the house or community that are off-limits.

  24. Spruce up a lamp base with a cool, metallic spray paint.  lamps

  25. Dessert trays or special platters can also be spray painted. Just be sure to use food safe spray paint.

Paint of any nature needs to be used with care and safety in mind, as it can be hazardous. Keep these safety tips in mind as you use and store spray paint.

  • Keep away from heat and fire.

  • Do not do anything to destroy the can. Recycle when empty but do not put it in the trash.

  • Make sure you have good ventilation if spraying indoors (like in a garage). The vapors can be harmful so always spray outside whenever possible.

  • Wear gloves and wash skin that may have come in contact with paint.

Even with all of its benefits, you may be looking for a better coating than spray paint can provide. Professional powder coating is a great alternative to spray paint as it tends to create a thicker film and adhere to materials better than paint, as mentioned here. You can create an even higher quality result and still come out with a great new piece for your home. So keep powder coating in mind for your bigger projects.

Spring is the perfect time to pick a new project, so choose your favorite idea from the list above and get painting! [Tweet “Looking for a new #DIY? Here are 25 totally awesome ways to use #spraypaint!”]

In what ways have you used spray paint?

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