4 Early Morning Mood Boosts

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Try as we might, most of us simply are not morning people. How many of us hit the snooze button a few more times than they’d like to admit each morning? Or have a hard time feeling truly awake for hours after getting out of bed and drinking their morning coffee? The truth is, mornings can be tough. Really tough. Here are some ways to make your morning easier.


If you struggle getting up in the morning, and find yourself grumpy until well after noon, here are a few tips for early morning mood boosts. We can’t promise to turn you into a morning person, but we sure can try.

Learning about Positive Parenting taught me that I must care for myself first, or I cannot properly care for my kids. When I want to yell, it's usually because I'm frustrated and exhausted. Self-care isn't an optional task; it's a must if you want to be a good parent. Period.


Everyone knows that exercise improves your mood, right? Exercising releases endorphins that make you a happier person. And when you are taking care of your physical body, it’s a lot easier to take care of your mental state, as well. The issue with mornings and exercise, is that to get some exercise in before work, you have to wake up even earlier – which no one really wants to do. So if you don’t feel like waking up an extra hour early to hit the gym, here are a few ways to get your morning exercise in without disrupting your sleep schedule.

  • Simple morning yoga. Or rather, some simple stretches. When your alarm goes off, get out of bed and onto the floor. Do a few simple stretches and yoga moves that you feel comfortable with, and then start your day. This is an exercise that will take five minutes, but will transform your day.
  • Take a five-minute walk around the block before your shower. Or if your local weather is unreliable, consider getting yourself a good treadmill. Exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym for an hour and sweating bullets. It can just mean moving your body and slightly increasing your heart rate. Go on a quick walk around your block right after you wake up, and then finish getting ready for the day.
  • Do you have a hard time being self-motivated in the morning? Sometimes the social pressure of an exercise class is just the thing to do the trick. Honestly, it’s one of the primary perks of exercising in a class. Sign up and have a buddy there who will hold you accountable.

This doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, your only exercise routine. If you work out later in the day, it will enforce the positive habits from the morning and they work together to improve your days and your mornings.

Spend some time outside

Our homes are often filled with more toxins and pollutants than the air directly outside. Getting a moment to breathe some fresh air before you go about your day will do wonders for your attitude and the outcome of your entire day.

Being outside increases cognition, memory, and creativity. Sit on your porch as you arrange your calendar for the day and drink your morning coffee, and enjoy a few moments of fresh air before the rest of your day starts.

Eat a high protein breakfast

Too many people skip breakfast. Sometimes you sleep in a little too late. Or your stomach can’t handle a large quantity of food immediately after waking up. But there’s never a good reason to skip a meal, especially breakfast. And in most cases, a bowl of cereal just isn’t going to cut it!

You need something to give you the energy that you need to get you through your morning and into the afternoon. No matter what your dietary restrictions, make sure that your breakfast is packed with protein. Eggs are a great way to get protein in first thing, and keep your body fueled all day long.

Take care of yourself

Often, we sacrifice our daily routine to get a few extra minutes of sleep. When we do this, not only is the sleep interrupted and therefore not very beneficial, but we spend our entire day feeling frumpy and grumpy because we didn’t have time to take a shower or wash our face. Give yourself those few extra minutes every morning to feel good about yourself when you walk out the door.

Whether that is your 10 minute morning meditation, a simple skincare regime, spending a few extra minutes perfecting your outfit, or making sure your hair looks nice. When you feel good about yourself and how you look, it shows, and it affects your whole day.

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13 thoughts on “4 Early Morning Mood Boosts”

  1. I like the idea of taking a walk, even a short one. Exercise can work wonders.

  2. An early morning walk could be just what I need to get my day heading in the right direction! WIll try tomorrow 🙂

  3. I need to do all these because I am a horrible morning person and with summer break, it gets rough around here lol

  4. Great tips! need to add more sleep into that! lol. I know i am always in a better mood when i get more sleep! lol but of course if i where not up until midnight blogging lol

  5. Taking care of yourself is an important factor. Sleep well the night before will definitely enhance your morning moods.

  6. I totally agree with all these four points they are all perfect to get a good start in the morning.

  7. I love my coffee…. And watering my flower beds. That’s the most relaxing thing for me first thing in the mornings. Great article!

  8. it is important to take care of yourself. I love watering my flower pots, drinking tea and an early morning walk is refreshing

  9. Great tips! Exercise is so important, I feel so much better when I have done some exercise, it;’s a real mood booster!

  10. I like to exercise in the morning. I found if I wait until I have time later in the day that I never make time.

  11. I need to exercise some more and doing that outside would be a great way to start my day. It would be great if I did this more often.

  12. These are some really great ways to give your mornings a boost. I am always looking to put myself in a better mood when facing the early mornings I have to have.


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