90 Day Business Challenge

I'm doing a 90 day challenge where I start a brand new business and document the process. I'm not so great at documenting, so I'll be throwing everything in this page so you can keep up. 🙂 I won't be revealing the name of my business or my social media handles etc until after I get to $1K or 90 days, whichever comes first.

The inspiration:

My inspiration is partially to get back to the ground because I feel like most “six figure entrepreneurs” have lost touch with reality a bit. We aren't big time at $100K by any means but we have a LOT of tools and a HUGE network at our disposal.

If I wanted to make $1,000 today, I could just tap into my network and make it. Not everyone has that, so this challenge is going to show me starting with very little to my name and working my way up, just like I did back in 2006 when I was pregnant and homeless.

The rules:

  • maximum work time 3 hours each day (to show those who have jobs, families, and no support that they can do this, too)
  • can only use phone, laptop, and internet (no fancy subscriptions, tools, etc until I can pay for them out of the $ I earned)

The rules for you:

If you're just here to pick apart my process or talk about how it “couldn't work”, step away. I did this process already. I was homeless and I built a business.

Now, 15 years later, I don't have the energy to argue with you. This is already taking more energy than I usually would exert, so please, step away if all you're going to do is pick holes in my process. Better yet, step back and start your OWN. I'll promote it.

My thoughts so far:

Honestly this is day 1 and I'm already kind of freaking out. I woke up early, because the hustle never sleeps. I have about 6 pages of notes I've taken down in the past hour. I have no idea which way I'm going to go with a business because I have too many ideas and I have to just PICK ONE.

And when I am picking one, I have to remember that I can't use my network, my people, my fancy tools… none of it. That is obviously going to make it WAY more difficult, but that's the point of the challenge – to show that anyone can do this.