About Me – Who is Sadie Smiley?

“Sadie Smiley is a six-figure blogger who teaches other women how to build their businesses really, really well!”

Hi, I'm Sadie and I'm a scatterbrained, coffee-loving, thyroid cancer surviving, mom, wife, and grandma. This is a brief intro to Sadie World!

I was homeless and I realized something BIG had to happen if I wanted to survive. So, I started working my ass off to build a business. Now, I teach others how to build their businesses much faster than I was able to build mine.

My family has been living in Mexico full-time for the last year, where we feed local families and work to build an empire that will help affect change in the world.

I truly enjoy spending time with my husband and two teens, and I'm always on the lookout for new opportunities to help make a difference.

One small way I'm doing this is with Passive Income Pathways (or PIPs), my free Facebook group where I share money-making ideas literally every day! In addition to PIPs, I launched PIPs+ membership last year. In PIPs+, I teach you everything I know about going from $0 to $10K+ per month, while working part time. No hustle 24/7 here… just part-time work and full-time success.

P.S. While you're here, please shop the Black-owned business list!