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we are sadie & Kevin smiley

After being homeless multiple times, we are passionate about helping families become financially independent – without having to hustle 24/7.

We are as passionate about radical generosity, charging our Happy Price and working together to build an empire for our kids and grandkids to have generational wealth.

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give from your heart.

We aren't here to build an empire of dude bros who show off their Lambos, we are here to help create a ripple effect of generosity in the world.

No matter what is on your heart – whether it's building a no-kill shelter for stray dogs or feeding 100s of kids every week – we are here to help you accomplish your financial goals so you can make these things a reality.

Our family – with the help of our business funds – feeds 70+ families each week in migrant camps near our house here in Mexico. We never could have done this if we kept our regular jobs, stayed in our “dream home” in Arizona, and kept working towards the status quo instead of marching to the beat of our own drum.

We hope to inspire you to take your own path just as we have taken ours! It's scary, but if it's meant to be… it will be!

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