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1,500+ Black-Owned Etsy Shops



Want to start your OWN Etsy shop? It costs $0 if you use my special link, and you'll get 40 FREE listings to get you started. If you need help with Etsy, EMAIL ME! I can give you some tips, advice, and help you get your shop up and going. Ready to make your next $1,000? Get your free listings HERE.

Fill out this form to be added to this list! Please fill out the form rather than commenting so I can keep everything in order. I am working my way through 500+ shops right now as quickly as possible.

This list was started from posts in multiple Etsy support groups that keep getting removed. Even when groups allow self-promotion, posts asking about Black-owned businesses are getting deleted. Guess what? Those folks can't delete a blog post!

By request, stand-alone shops have also been added, but the list is still mostly Etsy. 🙂


Join the RESISTANCE!!!

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black owned etsy shops

herDIVASpot organization is a non-profit company providing young women of color ages 11-14 with a year long program geared towards entrepreneurship, financial literacy, community outreach and advocacy, and age appropriate development. The year long program culminates in a rites of passage ceremony that will either take place in Ghana, West Africa, or Washington, DC. 

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Witchy & Intentional Shops

Please fill out this form to be added to this list! Please email rather than commenting so I can keep everything in order. I am working my way through 800+ emails right now as quickly as possible.

HUGE thanks to Beth for these pins!


  1. Lauren

    Hi, I’m glad to see your mention of donating as money – will you be updating how much and where it is donated to once that occurs? TIA!

  2. This is awesome! Please add my shop – Black Mom Magic. Inspiring gifts for awesome women

  3. Hi! My shop sells bath bombs and accessories and is 90% black owned and operated. Our Etsy can be found at spell(dot)care. It’s self care with a witchy flair, self care above all 💖

  4. Ndidi Edeh

    You forgot one Blendichi which is a black owned activewear shop

  5. Hi love, I was wondering if you could add my shop to your list? I have an LLC, 13Crow Intuitives and I do divination work for clients, also I create handmade candles and yoni teas/items.
    Rn my tarot divination aren’t offered again until 06/21 but I still have all the other items up!! I’d love to collab w other BOB as well!!

  6. Michelle L Anderson

    Dragonfly Lake Scents is also black-owned – great soaps and other bath goodies!

  7. Karen Faripour

    Thank you for sharing this list. I’m not black, but I will support these shops to the best of my ability.

  8. April

    Nana’s Garden is black owned and does all natural body care

  9. I’m also a Black woman that runs an Etsy shop! My name is Cheyenne Simmons and I own GreatExbaketations in Albany, NY. I make “booze-infused” Bundt cakes!

  10. Lindsay

    I don’t have a business of my own, but you should add Kheimistrii and Skin Like Butter to the bath & body section! I’ve ordered from Kheimistrii many times and not only does she have great products with unique scents, she’s super nice and responds to questions quickly. I haven’t ordered from Skin Like Butter but have heard good things about her products and fragrances. Love this list, keep up the good work!


    Skin Like Butter:

  11. Chelsea Smith

    Have you reached out to Etsy to see if they would promote and highlight these shops on the front page in the app?

    1. The Mad Mommy

      Yes we reached out as soon as the list was created but instead of featuring ours they made their own feature instead, so you can see Black-owned shops highlighted directly on their website. 🙂

      1. Mahala

        Etsy is doing this thing when you search for “black owned” (or any variation) they return results *mostly* with black owned etsy shops, but they are also including trending items, so any activist type t-shirts, masks, yard signs, that are NOT black owned. It was really upsetting, that’s how I ended up here to see if I could find outside reliable information on how to spend my money. Thank you for this list.

        1. The Mad Mommy

          That is unfortunate! I asked them to feature this list but instead they created their own on the app, and I’ve been told by several folks that there are non-Black folks on their list. 🙁

          1. Amanda

            There absolutely are! I’ve been looking for Black owned pottery shops and I’m getting black pottery. 🙄

  12. Debra VanDorp

    Do you have any shops that sell things like fiber for spinning, or spinning related items.

  13. Miska

    Please check out Skincare by Feleciai!

    her stuff is SOOOOOOOO GOOD and is the only thing that works when I have to wash my hands so much, and her Eucalyptus Peppermint Shea Butter on your feet is HEAVEN.

  14. I would like to add my etsy to the list. I am a black female small business owner. I do crafts for home decor, events, gifts, and more.

  15. Billy

    I also definitely recommend the shops LavishLooksbyJas and OhmyKierraJ. I dont think I saw them on this list anyways. I love their shops!

  16. Holly

    Hi there I am a small black owned Etsy business and would love to be considered for this list.
    Thank you for your time,
    Holly Horsley

  17. Body Bag Bodycare

    Body Bag Bodycare

  18. Christina Parker

    Please add Jim’s Daughter Designs to this list, an amazing Black Woman Owned business. She creates stunning, classy wreathes and floral arrangements.

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  20. My business is Black owned, it’s tiny buuut it’s still black owned.

    I create healing crystal and stone keychains , healing crystal and stone necklaces and recycled art !

    Come check my shop out!

    Peace and love

  21. This is Lucy with Obsessed with organics. She has lovely salves made with essential oil combinations that are out of this world.

  22. Abby

    Hi! Do you have suggestions for yarn, fiber or accessories?

    1. Jillian

      There is one that has amazing macrame plant hangers in the home goods category!

  23. Hi!! I am a black woman living and building my vintage clothing business on Etsy in Seattle Washington and would love to be added to the list!

  24. Braden

    Cheers & thank you so much for your efforts! Any chance you’d be able to alphabetise the lists so it’s easier to find folks & see who’s already been included? Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. The Mad Mommy

      We just added categories! 🙂 Hope this helps.

  25. Sophie

    Thank you for posting this! I have lots of birthdays and Christmas shopping I can do 😊💛

  26. Stacy

    Awesome! Thank you for this list! I will pass it on!

  27. Stephanie

    Can I add mine ?

    I just started this business this year. Looking forward to growth and hard work.

    PGSStudios – etsy

  28. I sell Natural Stone Custom Jewelry. The name of my business is Jazzy’s Jewels. It’s 100% black owned.

  29. Tamra

    Will you please make a list of black-owned Etsy shops selling face masks? I have two college students and will be buying them quite a few masks before they go back to college this fall. As a single mother of three I don’t have much income for purchasing things we don’t need but when we do need something I’d love to be supporting black-owned businesses and right now masks are all that my kids really need for the fall. Thanks for putting together this list!

  30. Thank you so much for this! I would like to add my shop on the list…

  31. Chandra Dennis

    I have two PersonalBrilliance – Shop 1 for party decorations and diaper gifts. Then I have Personal Brilliance – Shop 2 for custom T-shirts and gifts.

  32. Tameca Blossom

    I’d also like to add another Gifts/Home Goods shop: New Song Creations by KH (newsongcreations1).

  33. Hello there! Peace and blessings! I was informed that you were looking for black owned businesses to add to your blog and I was wondering if I could be added. I am a natural care/apothecary style shop called BellaBotanicals;BellaBBotanicals on Etsy

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  35. Jasmine Ragland

    Bunni and glo is also a black owned shop that has handmade headbands for adults and kids, and face mask, and other things

  36. Thank you for sharing all the Black Owned shops on Etsy! I’d like to mention one you forgot: Posh Little Designs. She deserves to be added. Thank You

  37. Hello. I love what your doing and would appreciate it if my Etsy Shop could be added. I make handmade baby items such as clothing and toys. 🙂 it’s The Little By Rochelle on Etsy.

  38. KaMeisha Vergo

    I would like to be added to the list to support Black Owned Businesses.

  39. Rose

    I’m not trying to be out of line here…but I know that some black shops do prefer to have a minority -only clientele. And, in cases such as say maybe for black hair care, this is completely understandable. I was just wondering if there were shops like this, and which ones they were…basically I’m a white girl and I don’t want to overstep my bounds, but I do want to be supportive ❤

    1. The Mad Mommy

      There are many shops on the list to choose from. You don’t have to shop in the hair/nails section if it doesn’t fit you. 🙂 Thank you for the support!

  40. Alea

    It would be a lot easier to shop these if there was a picture or two of what the shophad/it’s aesthetic

    1. The Mad Mommy

      I agree! Please email [email protected] if you would like to volunteer your time to add a photo to these listings. It would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  41. Babette

    Fourtwenty6 is also black owned ! Thank you for updated the list !

  42. Grace & Graceful welcomes you to experience our website of Amazing products, each and every item is specifically unique in its design and or nature. We pray that you feel Blessed when wearing or using any of our products. Our products are inspired by Gods Amazing Grace towards us Psalms 23:6. We want you to look and feel great as you share in the boldness of our classic, elegant, trendsetting & show stopping items. Our goal is to help you feel confident as you walk by Faith standing on his word and look fabulous at the same time. I am humbled and Grateful to all who stop by our site Please pray for me and I’ll pray for you, to God be the Glory!

  43. Jessica

    Are there any shops that specifically sell face masks, covid masks?

    1. The Mad Mommy

      They are under clothing as most stores selling masks also sell other clothing items. 🙂

  44. Aja Woodson

    Thank you for this list!! Please add CognitiveCoaching to your list. The shop is owned by a Black Woman. She sells candles, oils, soaps, etc..

  45. Jacqueline Holt

    I’m an small business owner of ( Reflection Mirrors ). Basically, their door mirrors that have crystals attached to the rim. I would love to send you photos to get feed back. Hopefully, I can be apart of the black owned business on Etsy!
    Thank you for your time!

  46. Alcira

    Looking for a head wrap for my 6yo, to help her hair grow. Do you know of any shops you could refer me to?

    1. The Mad Mommy

      We have a hair/nails section now as well as a baby/kids section! 🙂

  47. Megan

    PrettyPeacockPaperie is another Black owned Etsy shop!

  48. Danny

    Any black owned epoxy supply stores?! Resin/mold/kits/anything/everything! <3

  49. Ruth Michiner

    I own an upscale New, gently worn, Vintage Fashion Boutique, reasonable prices, visit me at Etsy or on Facebook, The Elegant Mystique.

  50. Ruth Mitchiner

    I’m interested in listing my Boutique, The Elegant Mystique, as seen in Etsy.

  51. Hi! Love your list of black owned Esty shops. Could you please add my friend, Charity Lucas’ shop? It goes under party planning / supplies. She is a black female esty shop owner.

  52. Bijuanqa Washington

    Hi I have a black owned business on Etsy. Adira Designs. Shop name adira designs2

  53. Hi! I really appreciate the time it took you to compile this list. I also had one going (not as organized) and by cross-reference, very few black owned Etsy shops on my list are on your list. I’ll post my list here, and if you want to add them, please do. I understand it’s a lot of work. I have bought from many of these shops, so I know the links are good.

  54. Yolanda

    So happy to see these list. Will be passing all of these on to family and friends. Thank you Mad Mommy. Wish I would have had this list early in the COVID. I did a lot of online shopping. Now I know.

  55. Mary Ellen

    LOVE the list and have been to several of those Etsy shops this morning, nosing around.

    Any chance you could indicate on this list which clothing shops do plus sizes? Maybe with an asterisk or something?

    It’s kinda soul-destroying to wade through two dozen pages of fashion you can’t wear…

    1. The Mad Mommy

      I haven’t seen any that offer plus size clothing specifically. If I notice any, I’ll let you know!

  56. Christie

    It would be great to have a picture along with each store to give the reader a better idea of the merch/store vibe! I just clicked through one by one to find stores I liked most.

    1. The Mad Mommy

      I would love to do that but do not have the time. If you’d like to volunteer yours, please email [email protected] with the subject “IM HERE TO HELP” or something similar so we can find it! 🙂

  57. Thank you for this list! I was just about to order some Montessori toys on Etsy, and I wondered ‘how can I find a black-owned shop to support?’ And so I googled and found your list! Thank you again for compiling it! I shared it in social media 🙂

  58. Mel

    Can you add a section for those making fabric masks? A significant amount of people are searching Etsy for them and making it easy to find should boost sales.

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  61. Jr

    Sharp on all 4 Cornerz cut lounge owned by a 23 year old black male by the name of Gregory Simmons Jr

    1. The Mad Mommy

      No. There are Black men who own shops on this list as well.

  62. Luchia Hansen

    I want horse cowgirl clothes tack accessories any Of these I can shop from

    1. The Mad Mommy

      Haven’t seen any yet. I’ll keep an eye out.

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  67. Please add my shop and podcast.

    Podcast is New Year, New Witch and the store is

  68. Bonnetville20 is black owned . We sell satin bonnets , detangling brushes and more !

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  71. Nedra Lee

    This is an awesome list. Thank you! Please add Naturelle Grow (beauty and hair) as well as Brown Butter Beauty.

  72. Amazing list! Thank you for pulling all of these stores together. I was able to order something this morning, and was happy to see 5-10 stores are so overwhelmed with orders they had to pause any new orders to catch up.

  73. This is such a great idea! I am a black owned business on etsy and want to know how my business can be added to this list.

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  75. Norah

    Do any of these shops make homemade face masks with a clear window so deaf/HoH people can lipread through it?

    1. The Mad Mommy

      Many make masks (in clothing category) but I haven’t seen any with clear windows. I’ll keep an eye out.

  76. Kristina

    If anyone is interested in vintage patterns (mostly 70’s and 80’s) or cute pattern weights, ‘Thanks I Made Them’ is a great shop to check out. I’ve ordered a couple of times from Bianca and highly recommend her shop.

  77. Chris

    I love this list – but it would be even MORE helpful if you had a column that listed the kinds of products they offer. For example – where would I find a dream catcher or mandela?

    1. The Mad Mommy

      There are at least two shops with dreamcatchers under witchy/intentional. 🙂

  78. Hi, thank you for these listings!

    I would like to have my business listed.

    I own an Etsy shop and it is black owned.

    We specialize in women’s head wear apparel.

  79. Sharon Otasowie

    I would like to add @sophspot on Etsy as well! All things art, calligraphy, weddings, etc.

    This is my sisters page

  80. Abigail Tyler

    Can we please get this updated with Black-owned baby clothes and other items related to pregnancy?

  81. Hello! I love this. I am the Co-Founder of Salacious Drinks. We specialize in natural bottled water from around the world. The whole idea is to introduce people to what naturally sourced waters offer.

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  83. Alisa Edwards

    Can you please add me to the list for Etsy?


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  85. Leah

    SpicyStickyGummiesPC is another food on Etsy that is owned by a black woman.

  86. Kristina Petrosino

    Any toy shops on the list? Specifically wooden toys? I’m looking for a wobble board and a learning tower.

    1. The Mad Mommy

      Haven’t seen any yet. If there is one it will be in baby/kids. We have about 600 shops left to add and emails are still coming in so if I find one I will let you know!

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  89. Danielle Learnard

    So many shops to support. I did order from one. I wanted to know how could I just open up a link instead of keep going back to my friends message to open the stores. Thank you

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  91. Me! For Ankara fabric. I don’t have a lot now because I have been wiped out by the masks project but I’ll be restocking soon!

  92. Jackie Snowden

    Please add MadebyMarzStore. It is black owned by 11 year old entrepreneur Marleigh Mckay. @made_by_marz

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  97. Please include my shop @Chisseko on Etsy
    I make African designs jewelry in 12K gold and sterling silver
    I’m originally from East Africa but now live in Florida

  98. Kimberly Craig

    Thank you for this list. I was looking for something just like this.

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  101. I don’t know who submitted (Brown Girl Etsy Shop) but THANK YOU! Someone just linked me, and its honor to be on the list. We launched in October of 2019 and have crossed over 1000 sales. This business has my little Brown Girls in Mind, and I have NOW BEEN ABLE TO HIRE 3 BROWN GIRLS/WOMEN & ONE VANILLA GIRL (WE LOVE HER) to work in my home office daily around our little brown children. Thanks 😀

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  103. Maurice Palmer

    Thank You so MUCH for doing this! I’ve been trying to find Black-Owned Etsy shops for years, and was always confused when not many options would pop up! It’s sad that Etsy would suppress our community in that way, but we always persevere. You rock and I appreciate everything you’re doing.

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  110. William Daniels

    Needles N Stash is a great creator of handmade crocheted, knitted and crafts. Her work is outstanding and of superb quality

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  112. Megan

    Are there any stores on this list that sell backpack bags?

    1. The Mad Mommy

      I haven’t seen any but I only look at the first page of the stores when adding. If I find any I will let you know! 🙂

      1. Danielle sells backpacks

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  114. Andrea

    Thank you for compiling this list!!
    One request, is there any way you can have a section of Non-American sites? Shipping costs are often far too prohibitive to get physical items from the US, but we want to support Black owned businesses too!
    (thankfully, we can easily support digital because there are no shipping costs!)

    1. The Mad Mommy

      We added an “INTERNATIONAL” section but it’s small. If you know of others please let us know!

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  117. Rogue

    Hello! Thank you for making this list. I’m looking for a black-owned art supply store to support! I’m looking to buy acrylic paint and canvas. Can you recommend one or two?

    1. The Mad Mommy

      I haven’t seen any yet but if I find one I will let you know! 🙂

  118. Hi please add my shop ! I make Hand made organic goods for your babies and home! Thank you!❤️

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  121. Please support and list Tamtamscraftyco owned by Tamara. Single mom trying to show how creative black women can be. Covid hit and my prejudice boss who never liked me cut my hours when I took two weeks off for covid, because my son n mom who I lived with are high risk. An i am claiming unem ploy mentioned now. Don’t let anyone hold u back BLM.

  122. Hi, Im Danielle the owner of GlampedLife LLC, Ive been to over 100+ countries- please join us at ForBlackWomenOnly Travel (FB). I also travel consult “DIY” & specialize in organic Only ingredients in my Hair, Beard Oil, Specialty Shea Butters, Clay Bars for Hair & Skin. All my “Ayurvedic” hair growth & beard orders come with a Hair Regimen Instruction card to get you started.
    FB🌿GlampedLife, LLC

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  125. Hi there, I would like to be added to the list. I make custom and ready so wear clothing and accessories. I mostly use African prints but I’m open to all kinds of fabric
    My Etsy shop is

  126. Thanks so much for your efforts creating this list! I’ve had enormous support in my shop, Rocket Art, since being listed. And I’m happy to support the other makers here as well.

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  128. Mari

    Any Black Owned Business that sell flower and vegetable seeds?

  129. Hello, can you please add my black, woman owned business to this list. I’m an artist, I have stickers on Etsy.
    Personal website coming soon!

  130. Hello! We are a black owned, multi-racial operated metaphysical and occult Etsy shop. We are an all natural, 100% organic and ethically sourced shop and it would mean a lot to us if we could be added to the list!

  131. 999

    CreatrixThings is a 5 star witch occult shop been around since 2016/2016. Should definitely be added to this list.

    1. The Mad Mommy

      As per the top of the post, please email to be added! 🙂 Thanks!

  132. Hi, please add my family and I to your list. We are black owned Business Owners On Etsy.
    I sell Powerful Handmade Essential Hair & Beard Growth Oil that is 100% Natural & Organic.
    My daughters are 3 young super talented 13 yr old entrepreneurs and they sell Handmade Natural & Organic cosmetics products such as Lip Gloss, Lip Balm, Shimmer Body Oil, Body Butter, Hair Butter Treatment, Black & White African Soaps, Face Mask etc. Thank you so much!

  133. Hello,
    I would love to be added to the list of black owned businesses. I design/sell crochet patterns and make accessories like fabric face masks, hats..
    My shop name on Etsy is Hookoflove.
    Thank you for what you doing

  134. Thank you so much for compiling this list of black owned Etsy Shops. This has increased the traffic on my Etsy shop tremendously these last few weeks. I am forever grateful!
    -Gold Pearl Candle Co.

  135. Hello I’m 100% black owned, I have 2 etsy shops and would love to be added to your list.

  136. D

    Great post! I was looking for a source like this so I can support black-owned shops.

  137. Emm

    hi… did something happen to this list? i used it a month or so ago and loved it, but now when I click on each category, it lists the shop name as an “article” but provides no link to the actual business?

    1. Sadie Smiley

      When we moved the blog over, stuff got messed up, but we are working on fixing it! 🙂 In the meantime, search the shop name on Etsy – most of them will work that way. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon. Thank you!

  138. Hello- Thank you for list KJ3 Essentials! We are a family owned Kids Skincare & Wellness brand,. We offer Kids Vegan Multivitamins, Bath Wash, Deodorant and many other every day Essentials. We have many more products coming soon. Stay tuned @kj3essentials

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