Get your #OREOSuperDunk Challenge on with this free printable Cookie Checker board and instruction set! Everyone will have a blast playing it! #Sponsored #CollectiveBias

Cookie Checkers!

OREO and childhood memories go hand in hand for me! I have always loved OREO cookies and love sharing them with my children as well! When I heard about the #OREOSuperDunk Challenge, I knew I had to come up with a fun way to show my kids how to dunk their OREO!

Get your #OREOSuperDunk Challenge on with this free printable Cookie Checker board and instruction set! Everyone will have a blast playing it! #Sponsored #CollectiveBias

What Is Cookie Checkers Anyway?!

I hopped in the car, headed to my local grocery store and bought a few packages of Original, Golden, and Double Stuf OREO cookies! As far as I'm concerned, Double Stuff are the ONLY ones worth buying, but we had to have two different colors for Checkers.

Find your local Cub Foods with the Store Locator and pick up some OREO cookies for your house!

I knew I wanted to come up with a game that my kids could both play and that they would both love! I thought what could be better than Cookie Checkers! It is a game that my 5 and 10-year-old can both play, together, and both have fun dunking their opponent!

Print your own Cookie Checkers board:

I came up with a small, printable Cookie Checker board and a set of instructions, which you can download here:

[download id=”9642″]

Once, I printed out the board, I set up the game for my kids, complete with 2 glasses of ice-cold milk!

Getting ready to play some OREO Cookie Checkers and get our #OREOSuperDunk on! #Sponsored #CollectiveBias

I made the board smaller than a usual checker board, because I wanted to make sure my kids didn't eat too many delicious OREO cookies, seeing that a serving size is 3 cookies or 2 Double Stuf Cookies!

My kids started playing and, since they are competitive by nature, they were having a blast!

Playing some OREO Cookie Checkers and getting our #OREOSuperDunk on! #Sponsored #CollectiveBias

It was bound to happen! The jump and the Oreo Super Dunk! My kids loved dunking their opponent's pieces into their milk and eating them!

It was bound to happen! The jump and the #OREOSuperDunk! My kids loved dunking their opponent's pieces into their milk and eating it! #Sponsored #CollectiveBias

I have to say, OREO Cookie Checkers was a complete success and my kids have already asked me when they can play again! I told them we may be able to do it for snack-time or for a treat, after dinner, if they are part of the “clean plate club”! Say it with me parents, INCENTIVE. Gotta love a game with multiple purposes!

Would you play a game of OREO Cookie Checkers?


  1. I am truly impressed!! I bought Mega Stuff over the weekend and boy, it lives up to its name. I think I need to settle down with Double Stuff.
    This game rocks. OREOs rock. We don’t have Cub Foods, sadly, but we have OREOs!

  2. Oreos are the only cookie in the world our 6-year-old son will eat. He’s going to love this when I show it to him.

  3. Wow! This Oreo game is creative. I think kids will enjoy playing it as much as they’ll enjoy eating the Oreo cookies.

  4. My Teen Guide

    We, my sisters and brothers really loves playing game like this. We really missed being a kid. Love the oreo idea.

  5. What a fun game! I can’t wait to try it with my kids. Oreos were a favorite when I was growing up. They still are and I just love all the new flavors.

  6. I love this. definitely going to grab a couple bags of Oreos next time I’m out for groceries!

  7. OMG, how fun is this and what a cute game idea. Although, I don’t think the Oreos will last long enough to stay on the board in my house.

  8. Stephanie Jeannot

    I know that this will be an instant hit with kids because they love to play with food. Sounds fun. So much love in this!

  9. Maria Han

    Wow, this is absolutely a perfect post! I bet this is a yummy dessert and my family would love this for sure

  10. Gabriel

    You got more control than I do, I’d make it a full size board and just pig out!

  11. Now people will really want to win so they can eat all those fantastic cookies… YUM! great idea : )

  12. I seldom eat OREOS, but this is a pretty nifty idea! I’ll definitely have to try it sometime. My kids would love it!

  13. E H

    This is the cutest idea – I am going to beat myself up now I haven’t come up with it myself! Such a neat excuse to eat more cookies!

  14. rika

    What a fun idea… I love Oreo….. my kids and husband often play checkers

  15. Lisa Heath

    Now this is a game I can get into! Love me some oreos… especially the Double Stuft! I bet my son would play this with me too

  16. What a fun idea to play checkers! I used to play checkers a lot with our neighbors back in the day. We didn’t use oreos though, but I do love oreos. 🙂

  17. The kids are going to love this idea. They play checkers all the time as well as eat OREOS every time I let them.

  18. I love playing checkers with my grandson. He’s going to love this game, and the cookies. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

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