How Much Money Bloggers Make, And How They Make It (8 Bloggers Tell ALL!)


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I have been addicted to income reports since I saw my first one back in 2008 or so. I thoroughly enjoy going through them, line by line, usually gathering at least a little inspiration for my own blog. I did income reports publicly for a few years, but it seems like everyone turned them into a way to sell the dream of “how to start a blog” – leaving out the fact that it took them YEARS to get to the point they were at.

The idea for this blog post came while I was on a coaching call. We were talking about how all the income reports had one thing in common: they were affiliates for a certain hosting company. Because I don't want to get sued, I won't share my thoughts about the company or their affiliates. What I will tell you is that nobody on this list is an affiliate for said hosting company. This means the curtain is truly pulled back, and you're getting the real deal here.

Do all bloggers make money?

The truth is, most bloggers will never make a dime. They give up too soon, and they focus on the wrong stuff. I hope this blog helps you understand what's needed to create a successful blog, and helps you set realistic expectations if you decide to start a blog.

I recruited bloggers from all levels; some are working on their blogs a few hours a week while others are working full-time. Some have one blog, others have several. Some have been blogging for a year, some have been blogging for 10 years. Another thing they all have in common? They believe in diversifying their income streams.

All 8 bloggers also span across multiple niches. Studying income reports is fun, but if they're all in the same niche (blogging about “how to blog”, for example), those results won't be ones you can expect to see.

I have gotten permission to use the names of some of these bloggers, while others wish to remain anonymous – though I'll still include as much information as I can, to paint you the best picture of what blogging really looks like financially.

Keep in mind these amounts are before expenses. Some bloggers have $100/month in expenses, while others have $1,000/month. It really depends on the niche they chose, how much they work vs how much they hire out, the tools they use, etc. As your blog grows, your expenses can start to creep up, so keep that in mind when you are starting your own blog.

How much do bloggers make?

The amount of money you make as a blogger is based on many variables, including:

  • the way you set your blog up
  • how long you've been blogging
  • how many blog posts you publish, and how quickly you get to 50 posts published
  • your niche/topic – what it is and how saturated the market is
  • how good your photos are (especially if you're a food or craft blogger)
  • if you do video
  • how much guidance you have
  • how well you utilize your resources
  • how much traffic your blog gets
  • affiliate marketing – varies greatly by niche
  • products you sell
  • and more!

Some of these things vary so greatly, it's tough to know the magic answer – or rather, it's easy to know there is none. There is even a little luck that can come into play, which throws all the numbers out of whack, if you ask me!

The way you set your blog up

Just like The Three Little Pigs and their houses, the foundation of your blog can determine whether your blog is successful or not. While there have been a small percentage of successful bloggers on other platforms, the industry standard – and only way I recommend – is self-hosted WordPress.

I personally use BigScoots for hosting. I used to use SiteGround, but they just weren't as helpful as I needed them to be (I'm not tech-savvy… at all). BigScoots has great customer service, answers all of my questions promptly no matter how much I annoy them, and best of all, their hosting is solid. I've experienced minimal down-time with BigScoots. It's important that your site is up as much as possible. If you continually have issues, Google may not like it as much anymore!

How long you've been blogging

Blogging is a long-term game. If you want faster money, I recommend starting an Etsy shop (or two), or setting up shop on Teachers Pay Teachers. While blogging pays very, very well in my opinion, it does take a year or two to start seeing results.

Not everyone has the luxury of that much income-free time to work on a project, which is why I teach multiple streams of income (fast and long-term) over in Passive Income Pathways. Whether you want to start as a virtual assistant while you're creating your first blog, or you want to build and flip blogs as your main source of income, I'm all about diversifying your sources of cashflow.

How many blog posts you publish, and how quickly

It is my recommendation that you publish at least 15 high-quality blog posts (each at least 1,000 words) within the first month of launching your blog. While it is true that quality is more important than quantity, quality and quantity are both important keys to getting ranked faster on Google – which means more pageviews, product sales, ad revenue, and income much sooner than if you took those 15 blog posts and spaced them out once a week over the course of 15 weeks.

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Your niche/topic – and the competition

I don't pay much attention to the competition. I started a side hustle blog two years ago and a financial blog this month, both which are super-high competition niches. This blog is earning me well over $5,000 per month – not including the membership I just launched – and I only work on it a few hours a week. This tells me that even though the competition is high, I deliver massive value and can hang with the “big dogs” in any niche.

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  1. Wow Sadie.. Great Post! Thank You ๐Ÿ™‚
    So many bloggers I had never heard of. I am definitely checking out their sites.

    I have been earning money online since 1996. I never wanted to share my secrets.. LOL. But, I have recently started a new blog dedicated to helping others who would like to become part of the work-from-home / make-money-online trend.

    I have not yet decided whether I want to create any courses of my own. I really don’t have the time.. as my main money blogs require most of my time. For now.. I am just suggesting products from others who I feel have created good quality eBooks and courses.

    I’m with you.. I am not a numbers person either. I wish I had the mindset to sit down and crunch numbers.. and analyze everything from a monetary standpoint.. but that’s just not where my head is at. I get totally bored watching some YouTube videos on how to decipher the financials, the percentages and whatever.. YIKES!

    My aunt (who raised me about 50% of the time) was an English teacher. Words mean more to me than numbers.

    Enjoyed reading your blog! I’ll be back.


    1. Sadie Smiley says:

      Sherry, thanks for stopping by! Good luck on your new blogging adventure. I love sharing allllll of my ideas and secrets, there is no way I could use them all myself. LOL

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