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Canva keywords for elements are a fun, easy way to dress up all of your digital creations. I'm guessing you found me from my Canva/Etsy course, and I'm glad you're here… welcome! πŸ™‚

I use Canva for pretty much everything. From selling Santa letters and making awesome word searches, to creating stickers and planners, Canva is one of my favorite business tools EVER.

How to find hidden elements in Canva

Hidden elements aren't really so hidden, you just need to do a little keyword finagling to find the best stuff.

Log into Canva, open up your design (or a new design), and click on the Elements tab. Then, type your keyword in and click Graphics or Photos (depending on which you're working on).

You can try searching with and without quotation marks. It seems weird that there would be a difference, but the difference can actually be HUGE with certain search terms.

How to best utilize this post: click on the images and save them to your phone or computer so you can remember which elements go with which keywords! πŸ™‚

Rainbow clip art elements

Rainbows are especially popular during Pride Month, but I love them all year round. They make every design unique and fun.

You can change the colors of some of these, meaning you can have pastel rainbows or even neon rainbows if you'd like!

How to find them: search “organic rainbows” then click “graphics” to find these elements.

Ideas for use: I'd use these for stickers and nursery wall art.

Brushes in Canva

While you can't use the brushes in Canva like you can the ones in Procreate and Photoshop, they're stillllll pretty darn cool.

How to find them: search “paint brush” or “brushstroke” in Elements, then click Graphics.

Related element keywords:

  • paint splatter
  • graffiti
  • paint smear
  • watercolor paint stroke

Ideas for use: I'd use these for dressing up cards and other digital creations. Because many printers won't print gold well, I wouldn't use these elements for items that are designed to be printed.

Gold Brushes in Canva

You can't really capture or convey gold with just one color. It has to be a few colors mixed, with some light dropped in, and of course the glitter/sparkle factor is a must!

How to find them: search “gold brushstroke brush” in Photos or Elements.

Ideas for use: I'd use these for dressing up cards and other digital creations. Because many printers won't print gold well, I wouldn't use these elements for items that are designed to be printed.

While these are hidden elements, you can find them in two places: Elements and Photos. The results are slightly different based on which side you look in, so I totally recommend trying both to see which ones fit best!

Hat tip to Kelly for sharing this keyword phrase with me. I literally never would've searched “gold brushstroke brush” in Canva LOL but it's one of the coolest!

Fun summer clip art elements

There are fun Canva elements for every season, but I'm totally digging this summer clip art right now. Maybe because I live in Arizona and it's always summer here. πŸ˜‰

How to find them: search “organic summer” in Elements, then click on Graphics.

Ideas for use: I would use these on greeting cards, I'd turn them into laptop stickers, and use them in a summer-themed journal.

Quote & word elements

Sometimes you just want a ready-made quote/design but you can't find exactly what you're looking for. When I see graphics like these, it automatically helps me start a productive brainstorming session. Imagine all the things you can create!

How to find them: search “neon words” or “quotes” in Elements, then click on Graphics. There are some neon signs in the Photos section as well.

Related keywords:

  • quote box
  • motivational
  • quotations

Ideas for use: Like I said, these quotes set off all the ideas for me! Anything from stickers to greeting cards to personalized wall art for BFFs… set a timer for a brainstorming session while you scroll through this section.

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Best metaphysical clip art in Canva

You may or may not know, I'm a tarot card slinger in my free time. This lends to lots of cool opportunities, including designing for some pretty awesome witchy shops – both brick & mortar, and on Etsy.

How to find them: search “occult“, or “mystic” in Elements, then click Graphics.

Other related search terms:

  • alchemy
  • witchcraft
  • moon phase
  • magic
  • potion
  • crystal ball
  • crystals
  • mandala

Ideas for use: this is my favorite little section in Canva, so I use metaphysical stuff for everything. You can even use these designs to create stuff like canvas tote bags, mugs, and more.

Pro tip: When searching, you'll get “smart results” that give you related keywords. So for example if you search “mystic”, you'll notice “tarot”, “occult”, etc right below the search box. Utilize this feature!

Hand drawn elements in Canva

I love using hand drawn elements in my printables and graphic work. Sometimes I use my iPad and draw my own (and one time I even traced recipes for money), but obvs Canva is sooo much easier. πŸ™‚

How to find them: search “handdrawnpro” in Elements, then click on Graphics. The keyword “hand drawn love” also brings up some cool elements, though they're more pop art than the hand drawn look I use most often.

Other related search terms:

  • doodle
  • drawn circle
  • pencil line
  • chalk line
  • morningstories
  • freeform

Ideas for use: I would use these in wall art, especially nursery art… greeting cards… stickers… all the things!

Birthday party elements

How fun are these balloons, especially the balloon animals?! AH!

How to find them: search “cute balloons” or “balloons” in Elements, then click on Graphics.

Ideas for use: birthday party invites, of course! πŸ™‚

How to find brand code elements in Canva

While researching for this post, I discovered a really awesome one that talks about how to use Canva brand codes. And also, this post with a huge list of secret Canva brand codes.

If you want to stick with a certain aesthetic and find a designer you looovvvve, save their brand code in your “notes” app on your phone, or somewhere that's easily accessible, so you can easily find that brand's elements every time you log into Canva! Sweeeeeet!

How to use hidden elements

No matter how you choose to use your hidden elements, the most important part is to have fun! My students come to me every day with new designs and ideas they NEVER believed they could come up with. That can't happen unless you dig in and try it out!

I would LOVE it if you'd pin this post! πŸ™‚


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