How to Make Subscription Box Inserts to Sell on Etsy


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I talk a lot about being “in the middle” – that means selling products to other business owners, who will use those to serve their audience. You can easily create digital subscription box inserts and sell them to business owners who have subscription boxes!

If you want to launch a subscription box of your own, check out Crate Joy. They're the industry leader and have a built-in audience.

What are subscription box card inserts?

When you order a subscription box, part of the unboxing experience is shuffling through all of the goodies that arrive – including the “thank you” cards and such. Whether subscription box owners are sending just a simple thank you card or a list of what is included in each box, or a note to each customer, they ALL need subscription box card designs!

The best part about making subscription box cards for small business owners is that NOT a lot of people are doing it. So your designs are going to be in high demand as soon as you get a handful of reviews under your belt!

If you're worried because you've never used Canva before, knock that off! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I've got you! Go sign up for Canva PRO and then follow my tutorial to get started making your own cards… then list them on Etsy.

Oh, while you're here… don't forget to check out my tutorial on how to make care cards to sell on Etsy as well!

“The Sadie Way”

I always try to “double dip” and make money as many ways as I possibly can with one product.

Make even more money by offering to ship printed subscription box cards to your customer's house. You can order them from some place like GotPrint (my fav place ever- not an affiliate link) and have them delivered without ever having to lift a finger! ๐Ÿ™‚ You could also include a “thank you” page when you deliver the digital files, and on that page you can list affiliate links to places like VistaPrint, etc

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How to make a subscription card insert

I started with a 3×5.5″ canvas in Canva. I recommend using Canva PRO because you get so many more elements and the ability to upload your palettes, custom fonts, and more.

First, choose your background.

Choose from pre-selected color palettes and font pairings, or make your own. I have several loaded in already, to make my time spent in Canva much easier. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can import one of these color palettes, if you don't find one on Canva that you love.

If you click on a style, it will auto-populate into your design. Then, you can change the colors, placement, fonts, etc.

You may want to create a double-sided design. This is easy! Duplicate the page and design the back. When your customer purchases the files, they can upload them into wherever they're going to get them printed. Or, you can have them printed for your customers like I mentioned above.

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I was thinking about fun color palettes I've seen used in subscription boxes in the past and used them as inspiration for the ones I created today.

Want to hit the EASY button? Download my templates – all of the ones featured in this post and MORE – right here! You do need to have Canva PRO to use all of the elements I did, but if you don't have PRO you can always swap the PRO elements out for free elements (or your own – like from Creative Fabrica).

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