Jarvis Boss Mode Commands to Help You Write Faster

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Confession: I love JarvisAI so much, some guy accused me of being involved in a Jarvis MLM. This was IN the Jarvis group. He said that me saying my productivity went “THROUGH THE ROOF” because of Jarvis was sketch, basically. Let me tell you, I hate MLMs more than anything on this planet but if there was a Jarvis MLM, I'd be the best diamond-tier-boss-babe EVER. Sign me up! As it stands, there is no JarvisAI MLM and I'm simply a superfan for life. Because of that, I became an affiliate so if you sign up for JarvisAI using my link, I'll earn a commission and you'll forever have a spot in my heart. 🙂


If you're new here and have not used Jarvis yet, please check out my JarvisAI Guide and my Introduction to Boss Mode blog post before reading this one, or it may not make much sense!

What is JarvisAI?

Officially, Jarvis.ai is a copywriting tool that uses AI to write high converting content in seconds. Unofficially? it's so much more. In my Jarvis Guide, I went over 40+ templates that JarvisAI offers and I didn't even cover all of them!

Jarvis is now my best friend, assistant, and the best copywriter I've hired for less than $1K a month.

Note: Jarvis is NOT an SEO tool. I have been asked about this a lot! There is a Surfer SEO integration available but it is an extra charge. I use Keysearch for my keyword research.

What is Boss Mode?

I've already written an entire blog post on Boss Mode, just a few hours after it launched, actually! 🙂 But I'll give you a brief rundown: JarvisAI was taken to the next level with Boss Mode. Using this mode, you can ‘command' Jarvis to write blog posts for you.

Well, blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, sales pages, I mean, you name it and JarvisAI can probably write it for you. I read in the group that some guy had Jarvis write his anniversary card!

Boss Mode features include:

Extended Lookback

With PRO, Jarvis looks back at the previous 600 characters. With Boss Mode, Jarvis reads 2000-3000 characters. This gives the AI better context, therefore, writing higher-quality copy.

Continual Output

Without Boss Mode, you write a little, Jarvis writes a little. But now with Boss Mode activated, you can keep clicking “Compose” and get continual output. The feature on the site says “unlimited output” but I have noticed Jarvis stops giving relevant information quite often when you pretty “compose” over and over again without giving Jarvis direction.
Sometimes, it works. Jarvis has written full blog posts for me, but it's probably 1 out of every 5 times that he can write a full blog post. The other times, it's disjointed and jumbly.

Jarvis Commands

The feature most people are excited about in Boss Mode is the ability to direct Jarvis on what you want to be written without using templates.

Now, let's go through the flow. How do you write a blog post in Boss Mode?

Using Boss Mode to outline your blog post

I'm not talking about using the blog post outline template for this one. It's more about really digging in and having Jarvis create some content he can work with as you're filling in the outline. Use these commands to get Jarvis to output ideas that can help you deep dive into the topic you're writing about.

Say I'm writing an article and the keyword phrase is “self-care for women over 40”.

I would give Jarvis this command:

Help me learn about the topic of [self-care] for [women over 40]

That output is then used as a subheading. After I'm finished with the outline, I'll go back in and have Jarvis expand on it.

Here are some ideas to try, replacing my topics with yours:

Tell me facts about the topic of [self-care] for [women over 40]
Write a list of persuasive bullets about [self-care]
Write an answer to what is [self-care] for [women over 40]?
Write a list of topic ideas for [self-care]
Write a list of questions about [self-care]
Write a list of persuasive bullets about [self-care]

Obviously the way you write these will vary based on your topic, and you may change some of the questions, but you get the general idea of how easy it is to get an entire blog post outlined in just a few moments when you have Jarvis by your side!

Jarvis, write me a blog post

After you outline your post, it's time to let Jarvis lend a helping hand filling in alllll of those awesome subheadings. This is where Boss Mode comes in and you can tell Jarvis to write you a blog post!

You can now get continuous output from JarvisAI by pressing the “Compose” button until your blog post is complete.

Jarvis has written a few blog posts for me, almost start to finish, without much help. However, sometimes he will need some more “nudging”. If the quality isn't where you'd like it to be, this is where having an outline really comes in handy. Now Jarvis only has to write about the previous subheading and not worry about the rest of the blog post.

With Boss Mode, JarvisAI now looks back at 2000-3000 characters instead of just 600. Because of the expanded lookback, you'll need to use the *** to make Jarvis forget what you wrote above the last heading if it's confusing him.

Note I said “IF”! Because sometimes, Jarvis does a great job writing an entire article for you. Other times, you've gotta adjust. As amazing as Jarvis is, you'll be sorely disappointed if you expect him to do allllll of the work for you.

JarvisAI is a tool – he's your assistant and you need to continually work alongside him, giving him high-quality input, so he can give you high-quality output.

Commands for Boss Mode

Want to see Jarvis work his magic on your blog post? Try these commands:

Create an outline for [self-care] for [women over 40]
Write an article about [self-care] for [women over 40]

If you have Jarvis write an outline, you can then have him fill it in.

I asked Jarvis to “write an article about self-care for women over 40” and this is what he gave me:

While this will definitely help me create an outline, it isn't exactly what I was looking for.

I took #4 from the outline Jarvis previously gave me, “How to take better care of myself as a woman over the age of 40” and put it as the blog post title. I held CTRL+ENTER+SHIFT and this commanded Jarvis to write about the topic. This result was from a single output. If I wanted to continue hitting “Compose”, I could have an entire blog post ready in just a few minutes!

Sometimes when Jarvis writes entire blog posts, he doesn't include an introduction or conclusion. Because of that, you may need to switch to Power Mode (toggle at the top of your screen) and use the introduction and/or conclusion templates. This will only take a few extra minutes.

Is JarvisAI really worth it?

In under 30 minutes, you can have a high-quality, 1,000+ word blog post outlined, written, and edited. This is unheard of. If you already have content to start with, like PLR, it'll take even less time because you're giving Jarvis more to work with.

I type 120+WPM and have been writing online for 15+ years. I have a course that literally teaches people how to write blog posts faster, and Jarvis has seriously stepped the game up SO MUCH that I'm adding Jarvis modules to my course.

I know I sound like an over the top fan girl but as someone with chronic illness, I can't work all day every day anymore! I work very part time and still make good money, which is my goal for everyone who I meet – including you.

Part time work, full time income? Yes, please! Sign up for a free trial of Jarvis and let me know what you think below! I want to hear from you!

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