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As soon as I learned about Spark (Creative Fabrica's AI Art Tool), I knew I had to put them to the test to see if they could keep up with Jasper.

Creative Fabrica charges $1 to get started, then $19/month (but they have a yearly deal for $79.99 that pops up sometimes!), while Jasper is, on the low end, $49/mo plus $20/mo for Jasper Art.

Spoiler alert: Spark is a solid Jasper Art alternative – in fact, I'm more impressed with the outputs from Creative Fabrica's Spark. Let's dive in.

In case you're wondering what's in it for me, choosing a winner and all? Nada. In fact, as an affiliate, I make way more money recommending Jasper than I do with Creative Fabrica LOL.

Upscaling and Downloading

To upscale an image created by Jasper Art, you need to use an external image upscaler. Generate the images, download them, then go to Google and put in “free image upscaler” and use one of those. Then, download the upscaled image and you can use it.

To upscale an image in Creative Fabrica Spark, you just need to click “upscale” – then open the image and download it. However, there is an added step because you have to unzip the file.

I'm not an expert on upscaling or image resolution, but both AIs do create images I can use and make money with so I'm not complaining.

Ease of Use

Both tools are extremely easy to use. While Jasper AI does not have a built-in image upscaler at this time and Creative Fabrica does, when you go to download the images you've created in Creative Fabrica, they download into a zip file (yes, even though it's just one image).

This means that with Jasper you have the added step of upscaling via another site, but with Spark you have the added step of extracting files from the zip folder before being able to use them. So for me, the ease if use is the same.

Jasper vs Spark Outputs

The real test had to be what the images look like side by side, after Spark and Jasper were each given the same exact prompts. Here are a few examples, side by side, so you can decide for yourself which illustrations you like better. 🙂

The images are first, and then the prompts are underneath.

Spark AI output
Jasper AI output

prompt from CF Spark gallery: Intricate witch home interior, magic, highly detailed, digital painting, well rendered matte fantasy painting, deviantart artstation, by jason felix by steve argyle by tyler jacobson by peter mohrbacher, cinematic lighting

Spark AI output
Jasper Art Output

prompt from CF Spark gallery: whimsical cute and creepy kawaii chibi zombie completely in frame in the center of frame in the style of a black and white adobe illustrator adult coloring book page , full moon surrounded by trees and gravestones crosses candles, intricate, highly detailed, art by Sandro Botticelli and Dustin Nguyen and Akihiko Yoshida and Greg Tocchini, illustration

Spark AI Output
Jasper Art Output

prompt from Jasper Art gallery: butterfly in a field with flowers, photorealistic, up-close, high aperture

Creative Fabrica Art AI Output
Jasper Art Output

prompt from Creative Fabrica gallery: cottagecore magical witch library small house interior with an open window intricate detailed realistic high resolution concept art

A few more outputs from other creators on Creative Fabrica:

The final word

You can choose the winner based on the outputs you like the best, along with the price, but I'm going to say Creative Fabrica's Spark AI wins for better outputs as well as PRICE!

If you're already using Jasper, adding the $20/mo isn't a big deal. However, if you want to use Creative Fabrica for more than AI and get access to a gazillion images so you can make even more money, I highly recommend switching over to Spark for your AI Art tool! As far as AI writers go, I switched to WriteSonic – though I will keep my Jasper membership so I can write tutorials when new features come out. WriteSonic's AI is not quite up to par with CF's Spark and Jasper's Art AI.


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