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Hello You!

Welcome to my brain!

Brainstorming is my super power! If you want to start a niche site but are stuck for ideas, I've got you.

Each product on this page is carefully curated by yours truly, combining my 15 years of experience in the blogging industry with my favorite SEO tools. Every purchase includes 100+ keyword ideas, along with digital product ideas, affiliate programs to join, and more!

Let me do the brainstorming – save yourself hours and hours of time!


Bought the niche idea bundle from Sadie and WOW! Super speedy delivery and she went over and above on the delivery. Having everything laid out makes it so easy and stops the procrastination. I went off like a rocket because she made it so simple.
Sarah Janes

Amazing time saver!

The niche site from Sadie is an amazing time saver! It would have taken me ages to put that information together myself. Now I can dive right into writing and putting together money making products. Sadie doesn't do anything half way either! Everything she does is high quality and actionable!
Pamela Buzzard

available niches

these are non-exclusive, meaning multiple people can buy the same product.

if you are on a budget, this is the bundle for you. It saves time without breaking the bank.

i have added plenty of ideas to each niche idea bundle so there will never be an exact duplicate.

your brain + my brain = magic

insane value!

I am SO GLAD I bought a niche site bundle from Sadie! It is going to save me so much time, and even after just looking briefly through all of the ideas, I’ve started thinking of tons more! The value of this bundle is INSANE. She way over delivers and I can’t wait to get started on my niche site!
Andrea Frey

everything i need!

I’m so impressed with my bundle! It will save me so much time and help me start my blog right away! It had so much helpful information, key words, and everything I need to get started! I can’t wait to start this blog!!!
Jenn Farmer

exclusive niche ideas

these are exclusive ideas, meaning you are the only person who will receive these exact ideas.

exclusive niche idea bundles include more research, more keyword ideas, and a little extra tlc inside.

each purchase comes with an organic backlink – simply send me the post you want a link back to!

done for you niche sites

these premium niche sites are ready to go today!

I personally built each of them exactly how i would have if they were my sites.

Each site has at least 3 built-in backlinks (all organic and on-niche)

exclusive done-for-you sites include:

  • domain
  • premium mobile-friendly theme
  • essential plug-ins
  • 15 (or more!) SEO'd blog posts
  • custom keyword/SEO plan
  • customer journey with digital product ideas