Planning Makes Perfect: Travel Tips for Thrifty Families

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For a lot of families, they don’t want to leave anything to chance, but want amazing trips that the whole family will remember. If you are an intelligent saver and know how to budget well, you can take the whole family on an international trip to see the most beautiful areas in the world. No two families have the same likes and dislikes. If you want to plan a dynamic trip there are a lot of things you want under your control to have a stress free and affordable thrifty trip.

Planning a family getaway, but don't want to overspend? Check out these awesome travel tips for thrifty families!

Key Areas to Take Care Of

Some of the first areas you need to take care of are pretty basic parts of booking any kind of trip. Some of these major things will include booking a hotel and airfare. Both of these can be tremendously saved on if you book them together. Different sources online like Expedia can bundle these together saving you and your family hundreds of dollars in the process.

It is also important to utilize travel credit cards and be able to have a trustworthy airline you can use over and over again to build on your rewards. American Airlines is one such airline that can assist you in making the most out of your trip. Check out how to redeem AA miles.

Once you’ve established a good booking system, there are a few other key areas to take care of. Some of these are easily flexible and have the ability to change to save your family a lot of money.

Planning And Utilizing Timing

Something that a lot of people know about but don’t put into practice is going out on vacation during the off-season. There are some major locations that are warm or inviting all year round, so you shouldn’t waste your time going during the peak seasons. This is up to you to schedule your work and family off time so it coincides with an off-season. Not only will it be cheaper but less crowded as well. If for example you were going to take a beach vacation go during the late summer or early fall when the numbers are down.

There are times that discounts can apply towards full vacations as well. This can be included in a fully inclusive trip that includes hotel, airfare, dining and any other types of attractions. People in certain states, countries or ideal locations want tourists or visitors to come year round.

Sometimes just asking for a cheaper price can be a way to get a solid deal. You never know until you ask. The front desk of the hotel room might be able to get you an upgraded room or lower the price.

Budgeting While on the Trip

Many times people are smart and plan on budgeting for the big-ticket vacation items that include actually getting to the destination and then staying there. What people don’t put into account is the amount of dining out they are going to be doing on a daily basis.  

There are a couple of ways to alleviate this financial strain. One of those is through the way you end up staying at a destination. For example, if you were to rent a house or room with a kitchen, the extra costs can save you potential hundreds on eating out. Having to pay for a full family multiple times a day can really add up.  Bring your own toiletries and see what types of foods and other items you can get on sale. You’ll also end up avoiding any last-minute expenses.

Staying Entertained

During the trip you’ll be on the plane, possibly in multiple routes of transit. During this time if you’re a passenger at any point in time you’ll want to be entertained. Don’t hesitate to bring your iPads, computers or other gadgets to keep yourself listening to some tunes or playing some games along for the ride.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative on a trip and take the path less traveled. Sometimes this can include going camping or renting an RV. Campsites can only cost $30 a night or if you’re really adventurous go off on your own trekking into the forest, setting up camp for the week.  You’ll be saving money and any money spent on camping equipment like a tent or other supplies will be materials that you can use over and over again. There are different ways to have a great trip without breaking the bank while maintaining complete control over the whole situation.

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7 thoughts on “Planning Makes Perfect: Travel Tips for Thrifty Families”

  1. We usually plan a year ahead so we can score discounts both for the flight fare and for the hotel booking. I like creating the travel itinerary with bloggers’ advice. Creating a budget/expense guide is my mom’s expertise.

  2. You make some very great points! I think planning is key for many reasons. Not only can planning impact your enjoyment of your travel but also can save you money. I personally start planning all trips out months in advance. I also think utilizing travel credit cards is crucial. I say this based on I’ve had my card hacked on multiple occasions and not having my bank account drained is nice.

  3. We haven’t been on a vacation in years. These are great tips to make one happen and to make it affordably.

  4. I like the idea of budgeting on a trip however, that is very hard to put into practice! We spend so much money every summer to go to Italy, and spend even more when we’re there. I guess we figure that we’ve already spent a fortune, so what’s a bit more money?!

  5. Renting an RV would be SO much fun. I would like to travel up and down all of our coasts stopping at all the fun beaches along the way. Sometimes I dream that I could work full time from an RV on the go!

  6. When we take a larger trip, like a week vacation, we tend to plan out about a year so that we have enough time to budget and figure out costs of the whole trip. Throughout the year we find ourselves taking mini-trips so we can get out and create memories together. These tips are very helpful!

  7. We don’t travel much as a family even though we have great intentions. Maybe if we had a plan, we’d be able to more. Budgeting for it would definitely help with making it become reality.


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