Pot Of Gold St Patrick’s Day Treats

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Wishing you a rainbow
For sunlight after showers—
Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours—
Shamrocks at your doorway
For luck and laughter too,
And a host of friends that never ends
Each day your whole life through!

It's almost St Patrick's day and it is always a fun way to celebrate! There's leprechaun traps, corned beef with cabbage, green beer and perhaps, even a pot of gold!

It's almost St Patrick's day and it is always a fun way to celebrate! There's leprechaun traps, corned beef with cabbage, green beer and perhaps, even a pot of gold! Here are some Pot of Gold inspired St Patricks Day Treats to help you get in the mood!

Pot of Gold Inspired Treats

Here are some cute little Pots of Gold!

Try these Cake Pops with a golden touch.

Is there anything an OREO can't do?!

Sweet Cookie Tops with a surprise underneath.

Lucky you and lucky them, use these Lucky Gifts to surprise a friend!

Here is a cookie for you and a cookie for me!

Pots of Gold are popping up EVERYWHERE!

A sweet brownie treat with a golden inside.

Because, who doesn't want a Rainbow Cupcake?

Here is a Pot of Gold for you and a Pot Of Gold for me!

All that glitters, might be GOLD!

Golden Cups are over flowing with tastiness!

Leprechaun sized Pots of Gold!

A salty and sweet combo will hot the spot.

A little Gold for you and a little Gold for me!

There is some gold at the end of the rainbow!

Taste the Rainbow and find the gold.

Sometimes a little GOLD isn't enough!

Golden Macarons? But of course!

Look inside and you might see the Pot of Gold you seek.

I hope you find all of the gold that your heart desires within these tasty and creative Pot Of Gold St Patrick's Day Treats!

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20 thoughts on “Pot Of Gold St Patrick’s Day Treats”

  1. Those are all so cute. I think these would be so much fun to make and eat. They’re totes adorbs.

  2. They’re all too good! I’m so obsessed with rainbow foods, and St. Patrick’s Day treats. I’m loving this.

  3. I have to show this to my wife. She loves to make themed treats for all the holidays. She’ll get a kick out of these.

  4. I’ve been trying to think of things to bake for St. Patrick’s Day. Can’t believe it’s only a week away!

  5. These are the cutest little treats I’ve ever seen! I’d love to be this crafty!

  6. These are some of the cutest st pattys day treats I have seen. I have over a week to see if I can make one of them!

  7. What cute St Patrick’s Day crafts and treats! Great posts!!

  8. These rainbow cupcakes are so cute. I will have to try making them this weekend. I am sure my kids wil love them.

  9. Oh my goodness! All of these treats are so cute and so festive! Saving this!

  10. Oh that cupcake with the little mini pot of gold looks sooooo delicious! I may have to try and make one of these delicious treats next week!

  11. I love the cupcakes; however, mine would come out as a total fail. I really wish that I could make pretty cupcakes but I would have to invest in a bunch of tools.

  12. They are so cute! Kids will definitely grab them as soon as possible.

  13. . Every kid in the party would love to have them.

  14. Omg so many yummy treats!!! St. Patricks day is such a fun holiday food wise!!!!


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