Spice Up Your Coffee!

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For the lovers of coffee out there, you do not have to endure the monotony of brewing your coffee the same way always. This is because there are numerous additions you can use in your favorite drink to jerk its taste for an interesting experience. Luckily, it is possible that you already have most of these additives in your kitchen and they are known to boost the health benefits of the drink. Here is a look at 10 great additions for your coffee.

Do you love experimenting with coffee? I’m curious to know what other additions you have been using in your favorite drink.

New additions to spice up your coffee:

Raw egg

The idea of adding raw eggs in your coffee could feel odd. However, it’s a common practice in Sweden and Norway. They add eggs to their traditional brew which is referred to as Scandinavian egg coffee to make it clear. Consequently, such coffee is rich in proteins and could be the perfect breakfast when you are working hard to cut some pounds.


In case you have been to the Middle East, this doesn’t come as a surprise. They have always added cardamom into their traditional brew. This spice tones down the stimulating qualities of caffeine whilst giving the brew an exotic flavor.  To fuse your cardamoms and coffee perfectly, grind your coffee beans and cardamom seeds together then brew in the usual way.


You can ditch cream and sugar for a healthier coffee cup flavored with cinnamon. When added to coffee, cinnamon makes the brew taste sweet. This way, you cut processed sugar intake and calories. In addition, cinnamon is useful for relieving congestion, improving digestive health and lowering blood sugar. You can use cinnamon sticks or powder when brewing.

Coconut milk

A good alternative for dairy milk is coconut milk. If you are comfortable with the smell of coconut, its milk comes in handy when looking for a dairy-free latte treat. What’s more, you could combine coconut and vanilla extract to come up with a dairy-free creamer.

Vanilla extract

Other than depending on sugar and artificial creamers, a few drops of pure vanilla syrup will sweeten your cup. Vanilla has a calming effect and coffee has been found to boost the release of endorphins in the body. Adding vanilla to your coffee doesn’t just make it sweet, but the drink will also help your moods and cause you feel at ease.

Ice cream

A common German beverage called Eiskaffee uses coffee and ice cream. A scoop of ice cream atop your coffee will turn it into a dessert drink, a perfect caffeine fix for that hot summer day.


Perhaps you’ve already heard about it. The craze for using butter in coffee grew after one Dave Asprey invented the Bullet Proof coffee recipe. Grass fed butter provides a great boost of energy to keep you going for the rest of your day. Having such a drink in the morning will boost the caffeine buzz, help you cut calories and increase fat loss. You can also add coconut oil to this blend. In fact, this coffee blend can become a perfect replacement for your normal breakfast.


Craving for mocha? Add a dollop of cocoa to the cup and pour in your coffee brew. Cocoa not only twists the taste of your coffee but also comes with numerous health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, can lower your chances of contracting the cardiovascular disease and boosts production of serotonin in the body.


With fresh mint leaves, you can prepare simple syrup to make your coffee taste great. The drink is even more exciting when you bring in a third flavor like vanilla to your mint syrup.  For those who love iced coffee, this is a great choice of flavor to try.


Lemons have been used as food additives for ages. Their zesty flavor always leaves one feeling fresh whether appearing in cakes, cold beverages or tea. It is no doubt it can make a great combination for your coffee too. When added to your cup of Joe, it also helps reduce the bitter taste common with most strong brews of black coffee.  

Do you love experimenting with your coffee?

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27 thoughts on “Spice Up Your Coffee!”

  1. I have never tried butter in there! Same with ice cream. I do love cinnamon though, because of all the health benefits – and it tastes comforting.
    I love love mint in coffee.
    And whipped cream… don’t judge!

  2. I usually drink black coffee, sometimes I put coconut oil. I may try cardamom tomorrow- I love cardamom. Have you tried coffee with the raw egg? ? Let me know how it is????

  3. I am a huge fan of coffee and I would love to try different kind of coffee

  4. I wish I liked coffee! I love the smell but have never appreciated the taste. I get my caffeine from Diet Coke.

  5. I would love to try cinnamon or ice cream in my coffee. I’m pretty simple though with coffee I normally don’t add anything.

  6. I am such a big coffee drinker and am often looking for new ways to spice things up. Love these ideas and I cant wait to try some, especially the coconut milk and ice cream!

  7. I like the concept of using cardamon and mint is a good idea too!

  8. I love flavored coffee and creamer. I could not put a raw egg in my coffee though. I’m going to try some of your suggestions that I think I’d like.

  9. I’ve heard of cocoa for a mocha before, but some of the others are new. I don’t drink coffee really, but I can’t imagine it with butter?

  10. I am a coffee drinker and I love your suggestions. I have already tried some of these 🙂

  11. I am a coffee addict and always looking for away to spice it up and change it up! Thanks for the idea!

  12. I’m going to suggest these ideas to my daughter. She’s the coffee drinker around here, and it’s always fun to change things up.

  13. That cinnamon though, I’m going to have to try it! Thanks for sharing

  14. I am not much of a coffee drinker, but my husband is. I know he would love to spice up his sometimes.

  15. I love adding cinnamon to my coffee. I may have to try a few of these other ideas. My family has been known to put some ice cream in coffee when it’s out for dessert time. A lot of these sound so good!

  16. I experiment with coffee all the time. I add caramel sauce or chocolate sauce to mine quite often. I also try different creamers too. So far my absolute favorite coffee is Gloria Jean’s Mudslide, with caramel sauce, a bit of Bailey’s Mudslide creamer, and whipped cream! It is absolutely the perfect way to drink coffee!

    Thank you for sharing this with us on the #SmallVictoriesSundayLinkyParty.

  17. My family loves coffee…they never did egg but they love mint,,I will have them try egg..

  18. COFFEE!!!! Ah, the elixir of life! Love these ideas for spicing it up;)

  19. i havent thought of putting cinnamon in my coffee but dfntly will try it tomorrow! Will try the coconut milk too

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