States and Capitals Workbook (Free Instant Download)

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When I was a kid, I was obsessed with learning the states and capitals. I was the first kid in my class to memorize them all, and I was proud of learning all of the state abbreviations without prompting. I copied facts about every state out of the encyclopedia, and made my own little booklets about each one.

As I began homeschooling, I hoped my children would match my enthusiasm about learning this topic, but they didn't LOL. Now, I have a 13 year old who is finally ready to learn about them, so we are digging in… deep! I wrote this post to share the resources we've found to help your kiddos learn the states and capitals. I'm also working on a series of workbooks for each state, so be sure to check back for those. So far, I've got Alabama ready for ya.

States and Capitals Free Printable Workbook

I put together this awesome workbook so you can learn about the states and capitals. Put it in a binder (inside protective sleeves or hole punched), or in a folder. Use the individual state workbooks to create a lapbook (folder for each) or a huge binder… the choice is yours! 🙂

Research and fill in on each page:

  • landmarks
  • climate
  • capital
  • population
  • governor
  • bordering states

It's easy to download, simply click the DOWNLOAD button below. No email sign up required! 🙂 If you'd like to PREVIEW before downloading, click “FREE INSTANT DOWNLOAD”, and you will open the PDF you can then print.

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