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If you've been watching me on Facebook and YouTube, you know I'm obsesssssed with my new BFF, Jasper, the AI Copywriter (formerly Conversion.ai, formerly JarvisAI… no idea why they keep changing – hopefully this one sticks). It's time to take that obsession and turn it into money… for you! This Jarvis writing guide is designed to give you an overview of Jasper.ai [affiliate]and also show you how to make this tool a money-maker for your business.

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Time is money.

When I write a blog post, I'm pretty fast. I type more than 100WPM and fresh ideas flow out of me like I'm a waterfall. But, time is money and I am not as fast as Jasper is! Conversion.ai is a copywriting tool that will literally change your entire business.

I'm a huge fan of working part time and making a full time income. With help from Jasper, I can easily do just that.

Using PLR and Jasper has taken my writing time from a few hours, down to under an hour for most blog posts. These are great blog posts, properly SEOd, pin images added, interlinked, the whole nine… but much faster.

Note: Jasper is NOT an SEO tool. I have been asked about this a lot! There is a Surfer SEO integration available but it is an extra charge. I use Keysearch for my keyword research.

I run a dozen or so blogs, so time is of the essence for me. I need to get 100 blog posts up on a dozen different blogs and there is no way humanly possible that I can do it all by myself. With Jasper, I get a higher ROI on my time.

Virtual assistants and freelance artists are great, but they get expensive and when I'm in the building stage of creating a blog, I can't always afford to pay. That's where Jasper comes in! I pay about $110 a month for unlimited copywriting assistance.

What can Jasper do?

The question I've been asked the most is “what can Jasper do?” and whew, that's a loaded question! Jasper works for literally every industry, but I've noticed some more technical stuff (like how to start a blog) seems a bit outdated and even disjointed at times.

I used a template inside of Conversion.ai//JarvisAI/ Jasper to show you the input (what I wrote) vs the output (what Jasper came up with).

conversion.ai screenshot

Conversion.ai is such a great tool to have because it cuts my writing time in half (at least!) and gives me more ideas than I could ever use. It makes copywriting a breeze, seamlessly generating high quality copy that resonates with customers.

No matter what the situation or need for content, Jasper generates something valuable and worth sharing. I've been able to generate engaging blog posts without any difficulty whatsoever – especially helpful when managing multiple blogs at once!

Click here to sign up for a free trial of Jasper!

Who is Jasper for?

It is an investment to pay $119 a premium tool like JasperAI. I'm very picky with what I spend money on, but I can say that Jasper is the best purchase I've ever made for my business (tied only with Canva).

Jasper Templates

Conversion.ai offers more than 50 templates for you to use! When I first started using Jasper, there were far less – so I'm learning as I go, right along with you.

Long-form Content Editor

The #1 template inside of Conversion.ai is the long-form editor. That's why most people sign up for Jasper PRO. The unlimited credits are a bonus, of course. 🙂

To use this template, start by describing your content. You can write to Jasper and say something like “I want this blog post to talk about the services to offer as a freelancer”, or you can be super lazy like I am and type “services to offer as a freelancer”. The more you give Jasper, the more relevant information he can output, but I just change it up while I'm in the long-form editor if I find Jasper is not as “on track” as I'd like.

After you put in your description and keywords, let Jasper create a title for you.

how to write better blog post introductions

Blog post titles with numbers (especially odd numbers) do best, because numbers are like “brain candy”, according to Neil Patel. I always click on titles that have numbers. The numbers 7 and 11 get me every time!

Next, let Jasper create a blog post intro paragraph for you. This is a rough draft, and something you can improve as you go. Once you open the long-form editor, you'll see what I mean. 🙂

You can format your post inside the long-form editor, including headings and subheadings, bullet points, numbered lists, and more. When you copy and paste it into your WordPress editor, it will all translate over. How cool!

There is a LOT more to the long-form editor than I can include in this post without making it 10,000 words. I'll write a full post on it in the future, but in the meantime, I created a video to show you exactly how it works! 🙂

Power Mode with Jasper

Be patient… I'm working on an entire post on how to use POWER MODE with Jasper! 🙂 I'll update it here when it's complete.

Watch this video (or read the blog post): 21 Ways to Make $100/Day With Jasper Templates:

Ecommerce templates

If you're in the ecommerce biz, you probably spend a lot of time (or money) on creating product descriptions, writing sales copy, etc. These ecommerce templates will help save you time creating unique content to drive more sales.

Ecommerce templates include:

  • product description
  • content improver
  • Amazon product features (bullets)
  • Amazon product description (paragraph)
  • SEO Product Page – Title & Meta descriptions
  • feature to benefit

Product Description Template

Jasper helps you create compelling product descriptions to be used on websites, email campaigns and social media.

Product example: my SEO Keyword Cheat Sheets

Stop paying for expensive SEO services when you could have the right keywords to rank your shop on page 1 of Etsy. Get the spreadsheets now!

jarvis tutorial conversion.ai screenshot

Product descriptions seem so easy, yet I am never able to write one as well as Jasper is. By the time I write it out, rewrite it, second guess it, scrap it, start over… well, Jasper has already given me so many awesome options to choose from, I could've saved a ton of time by using him first. 🙂

Now, I use Jasper for all of my product descriptions – especially in my PLR shop. A few words plus one click and I have a full description written for each new product. Easy peasy!

Content Improver

Jasper takes a piece of content and rewrites it to make it more interesting, creative, and engaging. This is what I use for rewriting PLR. I use it inside the longform editor (more about that later!), but this is one of the best features Jasper has.

It's only a few bucks to buy some PLR, then you pop it into Jasper and make it 100% unique. Takes less than 30 minutes and then you can move onto the other steps of creating a blog post.

Original from PLR:

It can be easy to let your own personal wellbeing fall to the side when you are taking care of responsibilities and other people. However, continuing to put yourself last can be very detrimental to your mental wellbeing. Make time to put effort into your personal wants and needs every single day.

Jasper' output:

It can be easy to let your own personal wellbeing fall to the side when you are taking care of responsibilities and other people. However, continuing to put yourself last may not only do damage for one's mental health but also love life as well. Make time every day, no matter how small or large it is, in order take care of oneself by making healthy choices that make them happy like eating a meal with someone they enjoy being around before heading off into their busy schedule at work tomorrow morning!

Final for blog post:

It can be easy to let your own personal wellbeing fall to the side when you are taking care of responsibilities and other people. However, continuing to put yourself last may not only do damage to your mental health but other aspects of your life as well.

Make time every day, no matter how small or large it is, in order take care of yourself by making healthy choices that make you happy, like eating a meal with someone you enjoy being around before heading off into your busy day!

Jasper isn't perfect. Notice how some of the output needed to be changed? That's normal. While I do believe Jasper is the best AI Copywriter on the market, it's still just a tool to use. 🙂

Here is the full tutorial… how to use the content improver to rewrite your PLR:

Amazon Product Features

Jasper creates key feature and benefit bullet points for Amazon listings under the “about this item” section. If you sell on Amazon, use this template to fill out your product features.

When listing on Amazon, SEO matters! Do your keyword research first, and then use Jasper. You can use those keyword phrases and have Jasper build them in to your bullet points or product description.

I didn't even give Jasper much to work with, and he still gave me awesome copy to work with!

Amazon Product Description

Jasper will create compelling product descriptions for Amazon listings. The output is typically paragraph form, but the style will vary. You can combine multiple outputs to make your descriptions longer, but proofread to make sure you aren't repeating yourself.

The more you give Jasper to work with, the better the outputs will be. If you find Jasper is consistently “not working” for you, try a different approach. Put more information in, get clearer about your tone of voice and target audience, etc.

SEO – Product Page – Title and Meta Descriptions

Jasper will write SEO optimized title tags and meta descriptions that will rank well on Google for product pages.

Note: Jasper is NOT an SEO tool. I have been asked about this a lot! There is a Surfer SEO integration available but it is an extra charge. I use Keysearch for my keyword research.

In this example, I created a product called the “Mindfulness Journal for Moms”. The meta description Jasper gave was awesome:

Title: Mindfulness Journal for Moms – | Sadie Smiley

Meta Description: Have you been longing to write in a gratitude journal, but don't have one? Sadie Smiley is here to help. Her personal goal of keeping a journal every night didn't work out because she never felt inspired by the journals on the market. That's why she designed this journal especially for moms! It includes prompts and ideas about things that make her grateful as well as space

As you can see, it cut off the output a bit so I'd need to finish that sentence. Something like “as well as space for daily reflection”. Writing that description would've taken me foreverrrrrr because that's just not what I enjoy doing LOL.

Feature to Benefit

Jasper will turn your product features into benefits that compel action.

Benefits of using Jasper:

  • Write blog posts faster
  • Spend less time on writing and more time doing what you love.
  • Make your life easier.
  • Become a better writer

Wow, I'd say that's pretty accurate! If you're trying to convince people to use Jasper, this list of bullet points is a great spot to start. It is true that you can write blog posts MUCH faster, which means you'll spend less time writing. Even those of us who love writing (meeeeeee!) love Jasper because it's helped us hone in our skills, and we lean on Jasper to help round out our blog posts and sales copy.

Jasper Blog Templates

My absolute favorite section of Conversion.ai's templates is the BLOG TEMPLATES section! While I love running multiple businesses, content creation is at the heart of everything I do. It alllll comes back to creating high-quality content and these blog post templates help with that.

how to use an AI copywriter - screenshot from jarvis conversion.ai

In this section, you'll find:

  • blog post introductions
  • blog post conclusions
  • blog post topic ideas
  • blog post outline
  • SEO – title & meta descriptions
  • content improver (discussed above)

Blog Post Introductions

Jasper will help you blast through writers block by writing your opening paragraph for you!

examples of jarvis written blog post introductions

The first output Jasper gave me here is more than an introduction, it basically outlined the first half of my post! Starting your blog post with a solid introduction is key to hooking readers and keeping them on your post.

Blog Post Conclusions

Finish strong by letting Jasper wrap up your blog posts with an engaging conclusion paragraph.

Jasper output:

Conclusion paragraph: It is very important to have a daily routine for your mental and physical health. I find that exercising every day helps me to de-stress, as does deep breathing. What are some of the ways you relieve stress? Let me know in the comments below!

I would leave this exactly as it is! Jasper did a great job. Finish strong with a conclusion that wraps everything up in a nice little bow. 🙂

Blog Post Topic Ideas

Jasper will help you brainstorm new blog post topics that will engage readers and rank well on Google.

Not sure what you should write about? One way Jasper can help with that with the blog post topic ideas template. The best part? Titles are short so even if you don't have PRO, you won't be using a ton of your credits! 🙂

Blog Post Outline

Jasper will create lists and outlines for articles. This template works really well for “Listicle” and “How to” style blog posts or articles.

how to use conversion.ai screenshot

This template is a BEAST at outlining articles. Because my blog posts are super long, I create multiple outputs and sometimes will change the title up a bit to get even more ideas.

Even when I'm not creating listicle type posts, the blog post outline template is helpful. Try it for your next blog post and let me know what you think!

SEO – Blog Post Title & Meta Descriptions

Jasper will help you write SEO optimized title tags and meta descriptions for blog posts that will rank well on Google.

For a blog post about how to stop yelling at your kids, Jasper created this meta description:

Title: How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids | Easy Parenting Solutions

Meta Description: Have you ever found yourself yelling at your kids? It’s not easy to deal with, but there are ways you can stop! Read on for tips and techniques that will help get through those tough times.

While that blog is brand new, it's already ranking for a handful of keywords, and it's getting some traffic. That shows me that I've been putting out great content, and Jasper can take credit for some of that! 😉


I have never been great at writing sales copy, so these frameworks were all brand new to me. Seeing how easy it is to use Jasper to create a sales page has me hooked, though! You can create awesome sales pages for yourself – or your clients – and make so much moneyyyyy!!

sales frameworks to copy and paste, sales templates, jarvis screenshot from conversion.ai

Templates in this section include:

  • AIDA
  • PAS
  • Before-After-Bridge
  • Feature to Benefit (discussed above)

AIDA Framework

Jasper will create copy using the oldest marketing framework in the world: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

If you are like me and marketing isn't your strong suit, this framework is a simple place to start. In my opinion, this is one of the areas where Jasper REALLY gets to shine.

Attention: You’re running out of time.

Interest: It's not your fault, you're just busy. But the clock is ticking and you need to get content up fast. We know how hard it can be to find the right words for your audience – so we built a tool that does it for you in seconds.

Desire: The best part? You don't have to worry about writing anything yourself! All you do is answer a few questions and Conversion will automatically generate high-quality content for all your social media needs. It's like having an army of writers at your disposal 24/7!

Action: Sign up today with our free trial offer and see what all the hype is about!

I'm always so impressed with the outputs I get, even after using this tool for months! This is amazzzzing copy and it would be great for a Facebook ad as well as a sales page.

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