7 Ways to Use Vaseline for Your Toddler

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We’ve all seen scary headlines warning us that some of our favorite products are actually bad for our health, and it’s easy to believe them.

Think about it, if you see something that reads “petroleum bad for skin” then you’re going to immediately think about ditching any products with this ingredient. Of course, you should take everything you read with a pinch of salt and in the great debate over whether petroleum is good or bad for you, there is an important distinction to make.

Here are SEVEN ways to use vaseline for your toddler and get the most out of this all-round moisturizer.

While petroleum itself might not be the best product to rub on yourself, Petroleum Jelly is a good choice. It has been used as a topical skin treatment for centuries, and for good reason.

Petroleum vs. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is recommended by a number of dermatologists and as long as you use a well-filtered and purified Petroleum Jelly (like Vaseline) then you are unlikely to encounter any bad effects from this form of petroleum. Bad for skin? This statement couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to Vaseline.

Keep shampoo out of your child's eyes.

Do you dread having to wash your toddler’s hair? If the cries of a soapy-eyed child seem inevitable every bath time, try this trick. Sweep a generous amount of Petroleum Jelly across your baby’s eyebrows. It is water-repellant, so the suds will run straight off. Afterwards, just wipe it away with a warm cloth. No more tears!

Preventing diaper rash with petroleum jelly

Dermatologist Amy Theos recommends using a barrier cream or ointment containing Petroleum Jelly every time you change your child’s diaper, to keep wet diapers from rubbing the skin raw. But wait, we hear you cry, “isn’t petroleum bad for skin”? As mentioned above while crude oil should be kept well away from your, or your baby’s body, a cosmetic Petroleum Jelly like Vaseline is perfectly safe to use. When used on clean skin, this wonder jelly can act as a soothing barrier for skin irritations.

Vaseline for Chicken Pox

The first thing you need to do when your child gets chicken pox is speak to your doctor. Once that’s happened, though, it’s worth keeping Petroleum Jelly around. If your little one has blisters or sores in particularly delicate areas, then it can soothe them. It can also help speed up the healing process, and act as a barrier if clothing is rubbing against the skin.

Vaseline for eczema and psoriasis

As well as dermatologists, those challenging the idea that petroleum is bad for skin also include the National Eczema Society! They specifically recommend using Petroleum Jelly like Vaseline for treating and preventing outbreaks of eczema as it reinforces the skin’s natural barrier to help prevent the loss of moisture that can cause or aggravate eczema. And, since it’s so great for protecting skin from damage, it’s particularly good for curious little hands.

Vaseline for moisturizing skin

A child’s skin can get chapped and dry just as easily an adult’s, and for the same reasons – cold weather, over-washing, even the wrong laundry detergent. Petroleum Jelly, when applied to clean skin, helps reinforce the natural barrier that helps lock in moisture to help prevent dryness and discomfort. We use Vaseline on our lips in the winter when they get especially dry. It works really well! And, for bonus points, it’s hypoallergenic.

So there’s no need to throw your trusted cosmetics away. Next time someone asks you “is petroleum bad for my child's skin?” you’ll have the answer ready: Petroleum Jelly has all kinds of uses for you and your kids and is safe to use providing it is filtered and purified. 

Clean up messes!

Wipe a little petroleum jelly on a wash rag and use it to wipe up greasy fingerprints off the wall. I haven't tried it for cleaning artwork off the wall yet, but the internet says it works so it's worth a try!

Remove gum from hair with vaseline

Rub petroleum jelly around the gum in your child's dry hair. Massage the Vaseline into the gum until it starts to loosen. You can then comb it out, and throw the kiddo in the shower because their hair is going to be a greasy mess. 😉 Be sure to use warm water so the Vaseline does not congeal.

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Did you know that you can use Vaseline for your toddler? Here are 5 ways that you can!

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10 thoughts on “7 Ways to Use Vaseline for Your Toddler”

  1. I’ve never read anything negative about it! The hospital gave it to us right after Scarlet was born, and like you said, for many reasons. Diaper rash. Dry skin, etc.

  2. I’m afraid I’m a bit of an eye roller when it comes to the latest scare mongering report of “such and such being bad for you.” Five years ago it was probably being advocated by Doctors!

    I love the Vaseline on the eyebrows tip. I may have to try that one.

  3. I love vaseline. We use it all the time at our house. I never thought to use it for chicken pox but it makes sense. Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are very helpful tips! I have no problem with petroleum jelly; I just don’t really care for the scent. 🙂 I will keep in mind that it can be used for eczema, though, because that might be helpful in future!

  5. We love vaseline and always have some in the house! It comes in handy.

  6. Growing up, my mom used petroleum jelly on us and still does on herself, so I know it really works. I like to use it as a moisturizer the most. And I love that bath trick you mentioned! I will give it a try next time I bathe my little one.

  7. Vaseline indeed has many uses and I love that the formulation is gentle and friendly even to kids. It’s a great moisturizer for babies and works great to prevent diaper rash. Best is that it’s not really expensive!

  8. Vaseline has always been a lifesaver in my home. We use it for everything. I have a small patch of eczema myself and have found Vaseline to be more successful in giving relief than all the other fancy creams.

  9. Please for children in Lagos Nigeria can I use Vaseline everyday on my toddlers and get the perfect skin even myself too. Thank you.


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