Plus, step by step  how to do them, how much they cost to get started (many are free), and more!

#1: Making & Selling Stickers


I love (!!!) stickers. It's definitely one of the most creative and fun ways to make money from home.

#2: Writing Kindle Ebooks

Writing ebooks is fun and can be a great source of long-term income, especially if you write a series or several ebooks.

#3: Become a dog walker!

Love dogs? Have a way with unruly ones, especially? You may make a wonderful dog walker!

#4: Virtual Assisting (the new way!)

One of the fastest way to make money online is by being a virtual assistant for bloggers!

#5: Sell Stock Photos From Anywhere

Are you an aspiring photographer? Do you love taking nature photos? What about photos of food?

#6: Be a Personal Shopper

While there are apps like InstaCart out there already, there are also a lot of individual personal shoppers.

#7: Tutoring or Teaching Something

I've made $25K from ONE course in the past year! Now duplicate that x10!

#8: Make Pretty Stuff

Pretty things are not limited to printables, but they're a GREAT place to start! $$$

#9: Egg/Boo/Wine Your Yard

Easily make $1,000 over a weekend with this side hustle! Takes some planning first.

#10: Ghostwriting for bloggers  (like me!)

Ghostwriting will always be my bread and butter and the #1 thing I recommend for someone who wants to make money this weekend.

Make your first $100 this weekend! I have outlined each side hustle and the steps you need to start them - many cost $0