Are you looking on how to increase your sticker sales on Etsy?   No problem we got you! 

One of the main factors in selling anything on Etsy is photography

1. Keep the background clean  2. Take photos outside and inside- which gives better lighting 3. Keep it simple 4. Use best sellers as inspiration for your own photos


To increase your profits, you need to either raise your prices or decrease your expenses.

Set Up A Spreadsheet 

The title and the description are two of the most important factors in search engine optimization, so it's important to keep them detailed.

Read & Use ETSY SEO tactics. 

You have to STAND OUT on Etsy. 

1. Creative Etsy listing descriptions 2. Add attributes to your listings.

Branding, Packaging, & Shipping- Go the extra mile! 

1. Use your brand colors in packaging 2. Handwrite Thank You notes  3. Offer Free Shipping- add that into your cost  4. Give FREE STUFF 

Increase Your Profits

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Ultimate Guide to Selling More Stickers on Etsy: