Why I Only Charge $7 for Coaching

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“It's a no for me.”

“No, you can't offer all of that for $7.”

“You'll get burned out in like 3 days.”

Those are comments made by my team, along with a bunch of confused looks, when I woke up one day and said I wanted to create a $7 coaching program.

I knew $7 was my “happy price” regardless of what they said, but I had to be logical about it, too.

Could I really put enough work in to make $7 worth it for them? Hell, would $7 be worth it for me?

The idea came after yet another person said they couldn't afford my VIP program (which was $197/mo at the time) but I really wanted to help them. I knew they had the fire I was looking for in a VIP, but they had to do some work first.

While I absolutely love making money (because that means I can help more people), I have a soft spot for those who truly don't have the funds but have the passion for the topic they want to create a blog about.

Within a year or two of moving out of the homeless shelter, I met Angela. She offered me a job (when I had no business doing the work she was giving me – I was clueless). It paid better than other jobs I had, and I could bring my babies with me when their school was closed. She was providing the training, and she worked from home so I just had to show up to her house on the days I was scheduled to work. I could even work only 6 hours a day, so I wouldn't have to put my kids in daycare.

It really was the perfect job and it taught me so much in life – but only because Angela took a BIG chance on me. I feel the same way when it comes to my coaching students. When I see something special in someone, I will do whatever it takes to help them become financially successful.

After I met with my team (i.e. Pam the Wonderful, and my husband), I told them I was going to do it anyway. Then, I started outlining my $7 coaching program.

Full transparency: I have three levels of coaching. The first level is called LITE and it is $7/mo, PLUS is $47/mo, and VIP is $97/mo.

What's inside a $7 coaching program?

I have seen a few other low-ticket coaching programs, and for the most part, they delivered enough to justify their monthly cost. I had the opposite experience with high-ticket coaching programs. Never has a $300+ digital product – or even coaching – been worth it to me. If that changes, I'll gladly update my statement!

Until then, I stand by the fact low-ticket high-results programs are 100% the way to go.

Inside my $7 coaching program, you will find three courses: Blogging101, Blogging102, and Lightning Fast Content Creation.

Blogging101 teaches you how to set up a blog in a non-techy kind of way. I am not a techy type person so my trainings always have things broken down into easy to follow steps. You won't always know the “why” behind something, but I'll say “press this button” and will tell you what it does. That's sufficient to get anyone started – especially us ADHD and Autistic folks. 😉

Blogging102 digs a little deeper into the set up of your blog. I make sure you have a solid foundation to build upon. The biggest mistake I see new bloggers make (besides getting roped into BlueHost by slimy affiliates) is not starting with self-hosted WordPress. They see an ad for wordpress.com, Wix, or Squarespace and think they can create a six figure blog that way. Is it possible? Yes, in the same way digging a hole with your hands is possible – but it's not the way I recommend doing things.

Lightning Fast is one of my favorite courses – and my students love it! In it, I show you step by step how to write great blog posts: blog posts that rank, but more importantly… blog posts that people want to read. My best-kept secrets (who am I kidding? I fail at keeping any secret) are spilled in this course, like how I write my blog posts lightning fast without compromising quality!

Lightning Fast is $127 if you purchase it on its own, but you get it for free inside PIPs LITE for just $7/month. I knew adding this course to the blogging courses would make PIPs LITE absolutely epic. At first, I worried that people would get upset if they paid $127 – but I decided if anyone asked for a refund because they found LATE right after signing up, I'd give it to them. So far, nobody has asked for one, but many Lightning Fast students have joined LITE – and even VIP.

Besides the courses, LITE also offers a community inside Podia where questions can get answered by me. Oh, and we add new pin templates each month, too. My team and I really focused on over-delivering, which has always been my motto. I even do a LIVE coaching call once a month for all coaching levels! I answer any and all business and blog related questions, so people can show up, get unstuck, and get back to work.

The goal here is to get my LITE members set up so they can afford VIP. Then, they join VIP and we help fast track their success.

Why I Love Low-Ticket Programs

I hired two separate high-ticket coaches and they both failed me miserably.

Neither understood my pricing model and kept insisting that I “charge my worth.” For the record, I fucking hate that phrase. I'm not “worth” a certain dollar amount; I am not for sale. And I'm not going to charge a fortune just because it will create a perceived higher value. If people dismiss my coaching because it has a low price attached, that's their loss – not mine.

I love the $7 model because it makes the education needed to start on the path to financial freedom accessible to anyone who has access to the internet. I used to have to use the public library to get any type of online education. So many MORE of us have access to the internet in 2022, 2023, and beyond – we need to use it for educational purposes so we can improve our situations.

Does the $7 still make me happy? Yes! The courses are already created. While I do update them from time to time, they don't take much of my energy at all – this makes it easy to keep the program $7. I don't ever plan on raising the price, even as I add more resources to it.

The money isn't bad! When I launched PIPs LITE, I didn't do anything formal – I sent it out to my small-ish email list (under 10K) and shared it in my Facebook group that was less than a year old. I got 350 sign ups!! That meant $2,450 in recurring revenue – from one tiny little coaching offer!

As soon as I launched LITE, the platform I was on (Xperiencify) was doing awful things – like dozens of issues constantly and it was exhausting. Showing a $500 charge in their dashboard on a $7 product, not sending my emails, giving 404 errors every single day… it was just a mess. Know what was also a mess? Trying to move over 350 new members – most who don't know jack about tech – to a new platform. It took us weeks to move everything over, and dozens of woman hours. I was pissed off! And so was Pam. It was not a good time.

During the move, we lost several members. They weren't getting emails, or didn't realize we were moving, or whatever else… I think about 250 came over with the move. However, it's only been about a month and we are already back up to 345 members! So yes, the $7 is definitely worth it to me. I spend maybe 5 hours a month, if that, on something that is bringing in more than $2,000 each month!

This coaching program is the proof I needed to show myself and my VIPs that lowering your prices isn't a bad thing! You can help people and make a shit ton of money. Need more proof? I just cut my VIP coaching program price from $197 a month to $97 a month! This is a program where I'm interacting with my people daily, personally helping them grow their businesses (including getting them links back, helping them find interviews, featuring them on my blog), and more – and I charge $97/mo.

I cut VIP prices about a month ago. Perhaps you're wondering if I feel like that is worth it like I do with LITE. Yes, I do feel like it's worth it – even though some people who aren't as dedicated may get in. When you have less “skin in the game,” you're less likely to show up… but it's those outliers I'm looking for – like my two LITE members who showed up to the coaching call this month (out of 345!).

Those folks are the ones I want in VIP because they're scrappy. They show up and they put the work in, even when it's uncomfortable. They are the type of people who keep my energy levels up, even on high pain days.

And, on the money side of things it's all good. I have about 100 VIPs now, and most are paying $97/mo. I offer a partial scholarship for those in certain countries, so I do have others in at lower prices, but my current recurring revenue from VIP is about $10,000. Yes, I show up daily, and yes it's a lot of work, but I love the time and financial freedom this business model affords me.

We moved to Mexico, I work part time, I get to work next to my husband all day, and my family is still able to donate thousands of dollars per month to feed local families, help set up small businesses, and more – that is what it's all about.

As much as I love expensive cars, I'd rather feed tons of people!!

I'm not here to teach people how to buy Lambos and McMansions – I want to show people they can be radically generous and have nice things in life. It's all about balance.

I know this post isn't SEO'd and I've rambled quite a bit, but if you take just one thing from it, it's to charge your happy price. Your happy price is the price that makes you smile, while making your people smile. Your happy price affords you luxuries, as well as the ability to help others. Your happy price makes you happy. Don't get distracted by the coulda-shoulda-woulda gurus out there: focus on the causes you want to contribute to, focus on the people you want to serve, and focus on what is best for you. The rest will fall in line.

I'd love to hear about your happy price formula. Do you love low-ticket programs as much as I do?!

P.S. Feeling down because you're broke?

I get it. I have BPD so when I'm down, I'm dowwwwwn – especially since the whole cancer thing. Most of my life was spent in poverty. When I moved out of the shelter, I had to kick, claw, scratch, and fight my way to the point of being able to pay my bills. I had to walk a mile each way to the library – with 3 kids under 5 in tow – just to access the internet.

When you are willing to do that, when you're willing to give everything you have and then some to better your life, you will make it. It might take a while (it took me nearly a decade to make my first six figures), but you will get there. Don't you dare give up!

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