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Lately, I have really been diggin' the vanilla cold-brew with sweet cream and now, thanks to my friends at Torani, I can make my own Starbucks copycat cold-brew with vanilla sweet cream!

Copycat Starbucks Cold-Brew with Vanilla Sweet Cream

This Copycat Starbucks Cold-Brew with Vanilla Sweet Cream is simple to make and even easier to enjoy! I love being able to have a glass whenever I like!
Course Beverage
Keyword coffee, coffee recipe, vanilla sweet cream
Author Echo


  • 1/4 cup half and half
  • 2 Tbsp. vanilla simple syrup
  • 6 oz. cold-brew coffee


  1. Begin with a cup filled with ice and about a finger's worth of water in the bottom.

  2. Add the syrup into the half and half, mix to combine to make the vanilla sweet cream.

  3. Pour your cold-brew coffee over the ice, leave room for the vanilla cream.

  4. Pour the vanilla sweet cream into your cold-brew over ice and enjoy!