Are you ready to make $1,000 in the next 10 days? It's not gonna be a walk in the park, but so many of our friends have already completed this challenge, we know you can as well!

Make $1,000 in ten days with us!

The 10 Days to $1K Challenge was inspired by Tyler who posted over in our Passive Income Pathways Facebook group and asked:

And then our group members went and did the thing – and made thousands of dollars! One person even rinsed and repeated the process so she made $4,000+ in about 6 weeks!! That's when we knew we could do this challenge on a bigger scale!

Questions like “how do I make $100 a day?” or “how can I make $1K fast?” are our ABSOLUTE FAVORITE QUESTIONS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD AND UNIVERSE! Sadie's ADHD brain combined with Kevin's unique way of piecing everything together creates the perfect path for you to follow.

While we make multiple six figures now, it wasn't always that way. We both come from humble beginnings, and have been homeless multiple times. Our pasts are what inspire us to offer free and financially-accessible options for everyone. You shouldn't have to pay a bunch of money to learn how to make $1,000.

Hell, if you had a bunch of money to pay for training, you wouldn't need to learn how to make $1K, right?

But making $1K in 10 days is totally possible, and we are going to show you how. The catch? You have to actually do the work!! We meet people every day who swear they neeeeeed money for something, yet when we tell them to go do the thing, they have 89,234,823 excuses as to why they “can't” do it.

The first step – before even joining this challenge – is to do a Mindset Reset. You can do this. Even if you try and “fail,” what's the worst that happens? You “only” make $700 instead of $1K? We'll take it!! That's a win in our book.

Sample $1K Plan + The FAST TRACK

You know those Old Navy sales where you can mix and match a bunch of different clothing items and they're like $8 each? Okay, so this is gonna be similar… we're going to give you a BUNCH of ideas, and you've gotta mix and match them with your skills, what you like doing, how much money you need to make, and how much time you're going to prioritize to make this HAPPEN.

We know not everyone will get to the $1K in the first 10 days, but our hope is that you won't give up – and you can use what you learn in this challenge to rinse and repeat the process.

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Just Do The Thing!

Are you ready to do the thing? We know it's easy to sign up for $10 challenges and not complete them. Let's make this one different! See ya on the inside!