These were human generated, but all inspired by AI tools. AI has been an interest of mine for a little over a year now, but with all the new tools coming out, it's become an obsession.

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Last Updated MAR 14 2023 – more updates in my facebook group

Please keep in mind these are just starter ideas. That means you have to look into the terms of use, and these ideas still require a lot of research and hard work to make into successful businesses!

AI isn't always accurate, so you'll need to fact check anything it creates. While most of the tools here are free or at least free to try, links on this page may be affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission when you upgrade/buy.

create journals

Use ChatGPT for journal prompts and Midjourney for the AI Art! Then, list your journals on Amazon (KDP)

Tools to use: ChatGPT || Midjourney (AI Art)

create affirmation card decks

Using a prompt like “list 52 affirmations for women” in Jasper or ChatGPT will get you started with this project. Then, use the bulk upload tool to add them all to Canva. Use AI to create the art for each card, too!

Tools to use: ChatGPT || Midjourney (AI Art)

Build & Sell Lesson Plans

Teachers Pay Teachers is one of the platforms I sell worksheets on. It's wonderful for passive income. You can kick this up a notch by using AI to help you create your lesson plans, essentially cutting your time in half! I saw an ad for a “kindergarten curriculum” today – you could spend a weekend designing an entire curriculum for kindergarten and sell it passively on TpT, Etsy, and even your own site (using ads to really make it passive AF).

Tool to use: ChatGPT || Curipod or Education Co-Pilot

Boozy Drink Blog & Book

Create a boozy drink/cocktail blog. The RPMs for this niche are low, so you can supplement income with recipe books via Amazon KDP as well as POD products like mugs, tees, etc. To launch fast, batch create and photograph drinks, and supplement your own photos with some edited stock photos and AI or PLR to speed the creation process up. You can also create PDF drink recipe cards and sell them in bundles on your blog.

Tool to use: Boozy Blend AI || Midjourney (for AI Art)

Dream Interpretations

As a service, offer dream interpretations. As part of a business, write blog posts explaining what dreams mean. Create ebooks about what dreams mean, and publish them on Amazon KDP.

Tool to use: DreamInterpreter

Create SOP Templates

As a passive income business, create SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for business owners to use. For example, create a webinar launch checklist for online marketers – or a client onboarding checklist for life coaches. Make the checklist editable either in Google Sheets or Canva.

Tools to use: (1000 free templates!) || Canva

Write Obituaries and Funeral Programs

AI is much better at wording than I am, and I can't imagine how difficult it would be to write an obituary for a loved one. As a service, you can offer obituary writing, funeral ulogy writing, and funeral program creation. Make it passive by creating obituary templates (____ was born _____, survived by _____, loved _____) and funeral program templates (with the frames so folks can just drag and drop photos).

Tools to use: Words.Empathy || ChatGPT || Canva (funeral programs/cards)

Write & Illustrate Children's Books

With the help of AI, you can write and illustrate a children's book in a weekend. Then, rinse and repeat the process! There are so many writing tools to help you get started as well as guide you along the way. You can sell your books through Amazon KDP, or order copies and work with local book stores to get them on the shelves. Inspired by Maigic.

Tools to use: ChatGPT or Jasper Free trial (writer+Art) || Midjourney (AI Art)

Sell Writing Prompts

There are writing prompt books selling on Amazon every single day. You can crank out 365 Writing Prompts for (demographic), format it into the book, and get it listed within a weekend! Pretty much any AI writer will work for this idea.

Tools to use: ChatGPT || Jasper || nichesss

Sell AI Art Prompts

Create a passive business selling AI art prompts. When your customers purchase the prompts, deliver them via PDF and include a “thank you” page that links to your other products, as well as a page that links to your favorite AI tool posts.

Tools to use: Prompt Expand

Create & Sell Print on Demand

Using AI art and Canva, create calendars, cups/mugs, tees, hats, etc that you can sell via Print on Demand (POD). Choose a niche like crochet, camping, or even running… something that has a large fan base. Set up shop on your own blog, as well as Etsy.

Tools to use: Midjourney (AI Art) || Canva

Sell Travel Itineraries

There are quite a few people who already sell travel itineraries, so you need to find a unique angle for this one. Will you specialize in one country, or maybe you'll create itineraries for romantic getaways, honeymoons, etc. Whatever your angle, go all in. Remember, AI isn't always accurate, so you'll need to fact check anything it creates. This is especially important in regards to travel itineraries!

Tools to use: Jasper || ChatGPT || Flamme (try “3 day romantic Paris vacation”)

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