Egg Your Yard is a service where you deliver filled eggs to houses in your area!  Customers pay a set amount (I charge $40 for 50 eggs) ahead of time, and you deliver the eggs on the day/evening before Easter.

Figure out where you're going to get your eggs the cheapest. Then, you'll need to decide what to fill them with. Keep your costs low!


Word of mouth will be a great way to advertise locally. You can even offer an incentive if someone refers a friend or neighbor!


My best tip for creating a route is to sit down and draw it all out so you know exactly which houses are where. Then, you can create a big loop to egg them all most efficiently.


My supplies cost $10 per house, so I'd need to do 25 houses at $40 profit each, to make $1,000. In reality, I'll make more than the $1,000 because there will be upsells and add-ons, but I'm keeping it simple for math. 🙂 How much money do you want to make? One of my students has set a goal of making $10,000 this Easter.  How much will YOU make?

How much money can I make?