How to Make a Calendar in Canva to Sell on ETsy

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I love making calendars in Canva, and now you're going to learn how to make them, too! Make the calendars for your own use, holiday or birthday gifts, or to sell on Etsy.

Calendars sell every day on Etsy and there's no reason you can't have a slice of that pie! I wrote a whole post about how to use Etsy to make passive income.

Using Canva to Make Calendars

You can use whichever clip art, fonts, and editing program you'd like.

This is what I used:

Choose and Download Your Clip Art and Fonts

Head over to Creative Fabrica and choose your clip art. I chose the watercolor clip arts linked above, which are FREE with your membership. There are also public domain options for clip art if you have zero funds for pretty graphics. They're usually vintage, but that's a great niche to get into.

I also downloaded some groovy fonts. 😉 There are approximately 3 gazillion fonts on Creative Fabrica, so narrowing it down to just one may be tough!

How to Install Custom Fonts in Canva

In order to use the fonts you just downloaded, you'll have to install them in Canva. This feature is only available in Canva PRO but is an excellent reason for purchasing the monthly subscription. It's super affordable.

How to Make a Calendar in Canva

If you don't have a Canva account yet, sign up for a free trial here. Then, log in and type in “calendars” in the search box. You'll see loads of templates pop up. Grab whichever one you want!

I am working with the “feminine minimalist” calendar template. It is the 4th calendar in the 2nd row from the top in this image:

Now, we're going to upload our clip art and change the entire look of the calendar. There are 12 slides and they will need to be updated one at a time, but there are some tips to make it go faster.

I love these cute watercolor graphics. They're seriously the best.

When you want to make the font match the clip art, look on the left hand side at the color palettes, and scroll down. You'll see “Photo Colors”. You can select colors from the photos, so everything matches.

If you change the color in one slide and want the same color change to be applied throughout, you can do that, too. You'll see that option after you replace a color.

One more tip you may find helpful: if you want to flip your clipart, click on it and then up at the top, click “Flip”. Choose horizontal or vertical. I wanted this clip art facing towards the text.

Continue this process of working on every month until each one is perfect! 🙂

How to Save Your Files in Canva

If you are going to sell your calendar on Etsy, I recommend downloading as PDF-Print quality. You can also download each slide individually to create your listing mockup. If you've never created a mockup before, I made a video to show the process!

Where to Sell Your Digital Products

There are several places you can sell your digital products, depending on the themes or niches. I like to sell on Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers. If you haven't started selling digital products on Etsy yet, what in the world are you waiting for?!

You design these products ONE time and they sell over and over (and over!) again. To learn more about creating digital products to sell on Etsy, check out my Etsy course!

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