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  1. I was diagnosed Dec 2018 and had my total thyroidectomy in Jan 2019. Just found out that there is more cancer in my lymph nodes. Now on to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa to come up with a game plan. The struggle is real!

  2. As a 24 year thyroid cancer survivor, I want to say your cancer poem is probably the most accurate description of having thyroid cancer. It is a struggle, but once you find a great endocrinologist that knows what they are doing (those endocrinologists are almost as elusive as unicorns) it is possible to have a great life.

  3. Omg!!! Best poem I’ve ever read!!!! Everything is on point! <3 survivor here too, got diagnosed operated in 2019.

  4. I’m having surgery July 16th and I am nervous! I’m 27, I had a heart attack at 26 and now have a low ejection fraction because of it. I pray the road gets easier. Thank you for sharing your truths!

  5. The poem sums it up!! It will be a year this month since I had my thyroidectomy, and about a month since the meds seem to be right. Thank you!

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog and it is spot on! I am 2 weeks post op total thyroidectomy due to Thyroid Cancer, and just the first two weeks have been the hardest recovery of my life. Thank you for sharing your story.

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