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  1. So happy to see that you are doing well in your recovery! Thank you for everything you do <3

  2. Pamela jablonski says:

    Iโ€™m so glad things are going well and they were able to save your kidney! Youโ€™re pretty amazing snd I was worried about you!! โค๏ธ

  3. Thanks for sharing, I scrolled thru the photos fast but Iโ€™m so glad you are not having kidney pain! Loved the Cannabis 420 scripture lol! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Sue Tatilian says:

    Wow what a medical miracle that your kidney was saved. I’m an RN (now retired) and 10ยฝ years ago I developed bilateral kidney stones and had 3 stents and 2 lithotripsy procedures. The pain was the worst I ever experienced and I was off work for a few months. I had Stage 3 kidney disease afterwards until last year when my lab tests for kidney function normalized. I attribute it to losing and keeping off over 65 lbs and giving up diet sodas, as well as drinking a lot of water every day. Not sure what exactly caused my kidney but I was taking Topamax, probably dehydrated from drinking coffee and sodas and no water, and a very sedentary job. Luckily I had medical insurance through my job which covered most costs 80 to 90% but co pays and deductible was still a few thousand. Now my brother developed a kidney stone and was dx with hypercalciuria, which is a congenital condition and runs in families. He wants me and our sisters to get further testing as it not only leads to kidney stones but also osteoporosis. My sister was just dx with osteoporosis and my dexa scan shows osteopenia. The same sister has a permanent stent in one kidney for a congenital malformed ureter. She was recommended to have surgery to relocate the ureter but declined. I really hope your calcium and phosphorus levels were stablized and you can start getting up and moving again soon as bedrest is another contributing factor in the formation of kidney stones. God bless you and I’m praying for you to have a complete recovery.

  5. Such an inspiring strong strong woman you are Sadie! So very impressed by your ability to keep on working and striving to reach your goals, in the most trying of experiences! Bless you and your family. It takes more than a village to raise super heros. You are a heroine indeed.

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