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  1. Britney Whitford says:

    Glad to see you up and moving. It will be a long road, but you are one tough ass cookie!

  2. Jonathan Mohrweis says:

    You are A CHAMP! You have a amazing support system (kevin) and with that you can get through anything. Not to mention you are a WARRIOR. Fuck a thyroid. Who needs em?

  3. Julie Riley says:

    I’m glad your recovery hasn’t been awful. The radioactive iodine isn’t bad at all. I briefly lost tear and salivary function but it came back. The hardest part is being super strict about avoiding exposure to your family. My kids were little when I did mine and I didn’t do inpatient treatment. My husband didn’t listen and later had his own thyroid out, which I’m convinced was due to his exposure to me after treatment. Hoping you have a great recovery. This year, I’m 20 years cancer free

  4. Sorry sorry to hear about your surgery did not know about it crier but reading your post now it caught my eye because I’ve also been having to have my thyroid checked for see if there’s any enlargement but the last time I checked it there was or biopsy that there was no cancer. But what I also want to say is I know that you’re taking the calcium and the vitamin D ask your doctor Adding by them and K2 or K3 so that you will absorb the calcium better as a gastric bypass patient that’s what they’re now telling us that we should be adding and I just read it but they haven’t thought it’s I don’t remember it but I believe it is K to check with your doctor …

  5. I’m glad you are doing well and recovering. I did radioactive iodine years ago for an overactive thyroid. Took the pill, needed to stay away from people for a week, and had to watch who I was around for a month. Not too many side effects, which was good. Hopefully it goes easy for you.

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